Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality for Treatment of Diseases

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are applied in various fields ranging from online entertainment to medicine in different disciplines. In this last use, it participates in diagnosing and treating disorders and diseases in specialties such

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5 Benefits of Email Marketing for Startups

Startups usually experience turbulent times due to their infancy. As a newcomer, you have to work twice as hard as already established companies. Startups need to increase their industry awareness rate, and marketing is that

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Effect of Technology on Sales Process in B2B

Technology has taken to the market, and everyone is talking about it. The fact is that digital technologies are leading to massive changes in the B2B sales process. This creates huge opportunities if the

Professional HR management for Startups

HR management for Startups is the key to your future success. When growing quickly, mistakes are made quickly. However, mistakes in team building and leadership take revenge in the long term. Tips for professional HR

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Definitely, in this pandemic time, worrying about what to wear to stay elegant woman is, however, out of fashion for many. It was more or less taking measures for self protection from the highly contagious

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5 Remote Work Challenges and Ways to Overcome Them

Most of the workforce is moving to a remote work environment to enjoy a perfect work-life balance. Remote working is a business revolution that comes with many perks and a lot of comforts; it brings