Top Tips for Reducing Shipping Errors

 Top Tips for Reducing Shipping Errors

Shipping can, at times, be a nightmare for many businesses. Aside from all the internal factors that need to be considered – having enough stock or packaging materials – external factors have to be considered, such as delivery drivers and delivery routes. All of these factors contribute to how a company handles its shipping processes.

As the price of shipping increases, it adds another concern that businesses need to factor into their decision making. The increasing costs emphasize the importance of having efficient and effective shipping in place. For this reason, companies need to have systems to ensure that minimal errors occur to avoid adding additional costs to the company.

There are plenty of tactics that a company can implement to help them with reducing the total amount of shipping errors made. These are a few top tips to help your business with reducing shipping errors.

Invest in the right tools

With each passing year, technology advances tremendously. New software is developed, offering a more efficient process to complete repetitive tasks. With each development, countless business owners decide which tools are worth the investment.

Therefore, spend time identifying what areas of the company have the weakest points. Take note of what could benefit from having a system, tools, or technology to help with reducing errors made. Thus, Knowing what areas need improvement and can be improved will help decide what tools could be worth the investment.

Many businesses struggle with one common shipping issue when sending products or letters is entering the correct address. A minor issue can cause significant problems for a company. Sending items or mail to the wrong address has costly impact. Fortunately, there are tools available that help companies with overcoming this shipping issue.

For instance, obtaining a CASS certificate can help a company send items to the correct address and avoid shipping errors. In this Lob’s article, it goes into further depth about a CASS certificate and the advantages it can bring to a business.

Emphasize costs of replacements

In truth, customers do not want to receive damaged goods. If they have ordered something, they want it to be in perfect condition. Thus, receiving the items they have ordered and finding they have been damaged can leave them feeling unimpressed with the service they have experienced.

Certainly, customers might reach out to a company about their damaged items. Some might choose to send an email or direct message on social media or phone the company to resolve the issue. Others will decide to leave a comment on the company’s social media pages. Seeing reviews of customers receiving damaged items can be alarming for potential customers. Some may choose to look elsewhere for the same product.

Within the company, emphasize the costs of replacements. For example, it could be those who move packages in the warehouse, package items, and delivery drivers. Reiterate the importance of handling each package with care. It can help increase awareness around why packages need to be carefully managed.

Ensure to double-check

double check for reducing shipping errors

Technology can enable a company to run efficiently. It helps reduce the number of human errors in the processes and promptly accomplish tasks. However, although human errors are reduced, there will be times when some issues still happen.

Consider implementing regular checks on delivery addresses to see if they are correct. Have employees double-check the packaging to spot any signs of damage before it is sent out for delivery. If there have been issues with the packaging in the past, look at implementing new ways of packing items. You may decide to invest in new materials or change the packaging to package certain items.

It might seem like a simple and obvious thing to do, but one that could prevent an issue from occurring. This could help prevent a company from losing money and spending time trying to resolve the issue.

Saving the business money

Implementing strategies in the business surrounding ways to reduce shipping errors could help to make a noticeable difference. After investing in one or more of these tactics, spend time monitoring the difference it makes. Be patient with this process, as it can take time before noticeable results. In addition to this, some improvements might not be as apparent at first glance. Look closely at the different areas to be well aware of any positive gains that have been made.

Companies should consider reviewing their processes regularly. It can help them remain fully aware of how their company operates and its structure. Regular reviews provide the chance to monitor the company’s progress and identify areas that have succeeded and what have not. The areas that have not succeeded could be removed or altered to see if any progress is made.

It is worth considering some of these tips. These tips could help a company save money and time and maintain a positive reputation.


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