Mind Reading Tricks: Top Secrets for TechMoths Readers

 Mind Reading Tricks: Top Secrets for TechMoths Readers

Mind reading might seem like one of those things that are impossible to do. But guess what, that is not the case at all. Mind reading is actually quite interesting and with the right tutorial and guidelines you can actually do so. Yes, it is difficult and it might take quite a lot of time to get that right. Yet in the end it can be one of those amazing things that will impress you with its versatility and unique ideas. That being said, here are some tips and tricks to get started.

Triangle and circle trick

This is an interesting trick. It requires you to draw a prediction of a probable answer that a person will share on a piece of paper. After that, you request the spectator to draw 2 shapes on paper. One of the shapes has to be within the other one. Ask them to compare the shape with your own prediction. For the most part, the triangle is always inside the circle. You can also share a hint via illustrating what you want them to draw. It’s a nifty idea and it will actually show some cool mechanics and features while still being a lot of fun to implement too.

Black magic trick

It’s a good one especially if you want to impress a larger crowd, someone at a party or just improve your communication skill. That being said, this trick needs an assistant. That’s why you do want to work closely with one just to ensure everything is ok. The trick entails gathering all the people you have nearby and then asking them to pick an item when your eyes are closed. Once that happens, you ask the assistant to name the objects. The assistant will name an item that’s black. The idea is to talk with the assistant beforehand and boil down the various details regarding items nearby. That way you will be very well prepared for the trick and in the end that can be extremely helpful. 

The gray elephant from Denmark

If you want to get started with mind reading tricks, then this one can be a great one. Ask the subject to choose a number that ranges from 1 to 10. And then multiply the number by 9, in case it’s 2 digits you can add them up and subtract 5 from that answer. Ideally, you want them to think about the name of a country whose name starts with a letter. That’s why you have to ask them to correspond the final number to the letter denoted in the alphabet. The second letter in the name of the country should showcase an animal featuring that name. Guessing the animal color is the last thing to do here. For the most part, people will choose a gray elephant, and that’s why it can be a good trick to throw people off.

Memorizing Pi

It is interesting that, all mathematicians know Pi is linked with Fibonacci numbers. Also the construction model of the Great pyramids is based on PI. The first 10 digits of pi (π) are 3.1415926535.

When you try out all kinds of mind reading tricks, the main focus is to make them feel very interesting and appealing, while adding in a very distinctive note. With that in mind, the way you remember the first few digits of pi you count the number of letters found in the sentence. So, ask yourself “how I wish I could calculate PI”. That will pretty much give you the first 7 numbers. It’s a nice and fun mind reading trick that will throw people off because no one expects you to do so. But it’s something extremely interesting that you can check out and it can be incredibly fun.

mind reading tricks - memorizing pi

The elven rule trick

One of the best tricks you can learn is this one, because you can learn how to multiply various 2 digit numbers by 11. Ask spectators to separate the two digits and then add them together. Then you must place the answer between the main 2 digits. It’s a clever idea and the cool thing is that it does work a lot better than you might imagine. A lot of people might think it’s difficult. But it’s just one of those tricks that might need a bit of trial and error to make it work properly.

Six digits are becoming 3

The idea here is to ask the subject to write any 3 digit number 2 times. This will form a 6 digit number. Divide the number by 7, and then the answer gets divided by 11, and the last one is divided by 13. From 6 digits, you will eventually split it all into just 3 digits. So it’s a really cool and fun experiment. You can keep it fun and simple, but it will still be impressive nonetheless.

Touch head trick

It’s one of the fun mind reading tricks that you can check out and you will actually have a very good time with it. Ask the spectator to write a secret number on a piece of paper. Then touch their head so you know the number. What you want to do is to ensure that you go with a family member or someone that you know very well, so you have a good understanding of how they will behave. You will know the number quite well, and the best part is that you can adapt and implement an incredible solution.

It’s always 5

The idea here is to ask someone to choose any number and then ask them the next highest number to the number they chose. Add 9, divide by 2, then subtract the original number. And in the end, the result will always be 5. What’s really cool about this is that no one really knows the result and you will find it to be a very good idea to keep in mind. It’s always important to avoid any rush as you come up with mind reading tricks, and in this case you do want to make everyone feel that you are indeed thinking and trying to find a solution. Even if you already know that the result is 5 anyway.

3 of diamonds

What you need is to ask someone to imagine a card from the deck and then tell them you know what it will be. As you are describing what you want them to perform, you do want to move your hands in front of you, and showcase the shape of a diamond. You also want to try and punctuate gestures in groups of 3. Do this multiple times, and it will be one of the coolest mind reading tricks you can do. It’s cool and a fun approach towards mentalism.


All of these are great mind reading tricks and they are a whole lot of fun. People love to be tricked this way, and the nice thing is that you can check all kinds of interesting tricks and ideas. As soon as you do that, you want to avoid any rush and you will surely appreciate the benefits and results. In doing so, you will have a much better experience, and in the end you will be amazed with the quality and value all the time. Remember, mind reading tricks are all about fun, but you should try to keep them creative and engaging!

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