Secrets of great pyramids you never know

 Secrets of great pyramids you never know

Are you aware of the great pyramid secrets? The world is full of wonders; for centuries, humankind has been behind mysteries and struggling to solve them. When we name wonders of the world, then great pyramids come to the top of the list. But it’s always confusing how the structure of pyramids is perfectly aligned. However, around two years ago, a group of scientists used the latest technology to study the secrets behind the great pyramids. Experts worldwide wanted to discover new details that would lead to a better understanding of the great pyramids. The primary aim is to understand the purpose and structure of the ancient construction. So, let’s unroll the secrets you knew about the great pyramids. 

How many pyramids are in Egypt? A sneak-peak into the history:

All history lovers know that the pyramids are the most iconic in human history. However, due to the great history and structure, everyone wants to know the secrets behind this construction. If we look at the history of the pyramids, thousands worldwide exist. However, in Egypt, 100+ pyramids are the most iconic and famous. All the pyramids have one thing in common: they were built without advanced tools and wheels. So, due to its unique structure, it took a workforce of 100,000 men to construct the building. Apart from this, here it’s vital to mention that all the labor was skilled, and they weren’t enslaved. 

History of the great pyramids: 

If you want to know about pyramids in-depth, start with the history. The pyramids are located about 25KM in southwest downtown Cairo. However, the pyramids attract visitors worldwide due to their complex and unique design. Pyramids of Giza is the other name of this wonder of the world. The structure of the Great Pyramid is around 481 feet tall, and it took 20-30 to build this giant. Here are a few names of these pyramids: 

names of the pyramids

The pyramid of Khufu’s building is in front of the “North Star,” and we can see that from the top of the building. It’s mesmerizing how at that time, experts and scientists did exact calculations without any hard work and the latest technology. Khufu was the second Pharaoh of the fourth Egyptian dynasty, and this structure was taller than the others. When we enter the pyramid of Khufu, it looks normal until we notice a great treasure box in the chamber. After looking closely, you will see that the treasure box is made of solid granite that can’t come through the central passageway. So, it’s still a mystery how that granite treasure box went into the Khufu chamber. Few scientists believe that the pyramid of Khufu was built around that treasure box, but all of these are only theories. 

great pyramids - giza pyramid

Once all pyramids were covered in polished limestone, but with time thieves didn’t leave any pieces of stones behind. Still, we can see some of the limestones on top of the pyramids of Khafre. If we are discussing history, then it’s vital to mention here that each pyramid was part of a complex which had a temple, a sloping morgue temple that linked all pyramids together. The pyramid was built in three stages; you can see this pattern from the number of chambers. So, later many pyramids became the resting place for many royal family members. 

The royal history. Why did they build great pyramids? 

The history of the pyramids is fascinating and has so much archeological importance. The inside and outside of the great pyramid are equally charming and influenced by great Egyptian culture. It took the expertise of thousands people who worked day and night to build this remarkable building. But there is one question that crosses so many minds, and that is: why did they build them, and what were their uses? 

In ancient times, there were many aims for constructing the pyramids of Egypt. For instance, mainly these buildings have been used for the following purposes: 

  • The pyramids were used as a tomb of the King
  • Sites for the sacrifice
  • Astronomical tools
  • Worship places
  • Secrets chambers/rooms

The pyramids accurately represent the eternity of Pharaohs who believed they would become in their afterlife. So, the primary aim of building these pyramids, chambers, and secret rooms was to make their immortality easy. The Pharaohs used to make their sections as comfortable as possible and fill them with essentials. For instance, King Khufu started building the pyramids of Giza in 255-BC, which were built with around 2.3 million limestones and blocks. However, the pyramid had the King’s and queen’s chambers to maintain the ancient beauty and King’s status. 

Moreover, the great pyramids used to have smooth and wide angled sides. The primary aim of these sides was to help the Pharaoh’s soul go to heaven. Besides, the great pyramid of the sun was built over caves that served as a passageway for Egyptian gods. Thousands of mathematicians, archeologists, and travelers were involved in the process. So, if you are interested in watching this structure, the great pyramids of Giza are the last ancient wonder still standing tall.

great pyramids -escort pharaohs in the afterlife

Secrets of great pyramids: A gateway to the stars

There are around seven most famous and documented wonders in the world. It’s a reality that ancient structures are a great treat to the eyes. Museums, statues, mummies, and historic sites are one of the main reasons why people visit Egypt. It’s not wrong saying that the great pyramids are a true masterpiece and have earned the title of “Wonder of the world.” The labor worked with ancient technology, and according to historical analysis, pyramids were built between 2589-2504 BC. So, if you want to know the secrets of the great pyramids, then here are facts that shouldn’t be ignored: 

great pyramids - gateway to the moon

Monuments have special meanings: 

Before heading towards other secrets of pyramids, it’s crucial to understand the meaning. So, the monument has two faces that are: 

The face to the heavensFace to the earth

Apart from this, triangles depict a special meaning and have a special significance, like the cosmic nature of the gods. For instance, the three sides of referring to: 

  • God the creator 
  • God the preserver 
  • And God is the transformer 

The old Egyptian theories say there is a long journey of inner discovery and evolution that ends with the realization of identity. Moreover, the triangles reflect a perfect alignment and symmetry. The faces of gods have different aspects that represent theories. So, the pyramids are well planned and have a proper thought process behind the construction. 

Bricks are heavy than elephants: 

It would be interesting to know that the bricks used in the construction of great pyramids are heavier than an elephant. Can you imagine one block was around 50 tons? So, one pyramid was constructed with more than 2 million bricks. In addition, the weight of one brick was about 2.5- 15 tons. So, it would be a mystery how these bricks were transported and lifted without any technology and heavy machinery. However, according to the reports, around 100,000 skilled laborers were involved in this noble cause. 

bricks - great pyramids

Are you wondering how they moved heavy material without machinery? But a wall painting with a man pulling large bricks on a sled and one pouring water on sand emerged in 1900 BCE. However, the picture solved the mystery of how they used to move all their weight during construction. Apart from the myths and theories, there are scientific theories that prove that wall painting is right. Scientists did a real-time experiment by putting a large amount of water and weight on the sled. So, the results of this experiment proved that the job was much more accessible and reduced the weight by up to 50%. Thus, the technique made the job more feasible and manageable. 

Paid workers built great pyramids: 

In past times, there wasn’t any concept of Workation; still, people used to get paid for their hard work. We can say it’s a myth that great pyramids were built by enslaved people and not paid workers. But it’s only a myth; many skilled workers came together to make this great wonder of the world. According to the reports, workers were well paid, fed, and highly honored. It had a positive effect on employee performance. The dead workers were buried next to the great pyramids as a sign of honor. 

Great pyramids are 213-481 feet tall:

According to the stats, the great pyramids of Giza remained the tallest building for more than 3800 years. But later, Lincoln Cathedral England broke the record in 1311, the first building that surpassed the height. Here are few interesting facts about these pyramids: 

Great Pyramid of Giza
(Pyramid of Khufu)
Pyramids of KhafrePyramids of Menkaure
481 feet tall448 feet tall213 feet tall
UNESCO listed this site as a bit shorter than the monument of Washington DCIt’s around 100 feet taller than the statue of libertyThe pyramid has the exact height of the Sydney Opera house

Moreover, the pyramids’ interior temperature remains constant at 20 degrees Celsius because the stones are flat and finely polished. Above all, the foundation of the structure has ball and socket construction capable of dealing with heat and earthquakes. 

photo of great pyramids of Giza

Once pyramids were shiny: 

It is one of the most amazing secrets of the great pyramid that once they were polished. However, the building was glittering due to the reflection of the sun. The feel of the pyramids was glossy because of the white limestone selection. But with time, the covering has fallen, and now we can’t see the shiny effect. There were many reasons why the glossy reflection fell off. It happened due to earthquakes, and thieves stole the surface. When the cover was new, it looked like a shining giant jewel, and the pyramids had over 2 million blocks of limestone. 

Pyramids are aligned to the north: 

It’s not a secret that pyramids are aligned to the west bank of the river Nile. It is constructed according to the Egyptian methodology, that’s why it’s perfectly aligned to the true north. In addition, they are aligned to the true north within the tenth degree. It is one reason that inspires scientists, who are still in awe. 

The mixture used for construction is still a mystery: 

The skilled Egyptian workers used gypsum, treated with heat for the construction. But to date, it’s a mystery for archeologists how Egyptians found enough wood that they used to burn as fuel for process completion. A few old Egyptian theories suggest that Egyptians used forests as fuel while building pyramids. But it’s a mystery and not proven by solid evidence and scientific data. 

Thieves made their way into great pyramids: 

Undoubtedly, the pyramids were great, and Egyptians used high-quality materials and techniques for construction. Still, robbers managed to break the seals and enter the pyramids. The seals were difficult to break, but thieves dug their tunnel through the structure. However, the self-made tunnel made by the robbers is 27 meters long, and now it has become a usual track for tourists. 

Pyramids have more than one entrance:

Apart from the thieve tunnel, there are many other ways to enter the chambers. According to Glen Dash

There is one standard error in all the pyramids: the buildings are slightly counterclockwise from the base/central point.

However, to solve this error, Dash came up with an idea. He suggested that Egyptians could have used the autumnal equinox to gain the perfect alignment and angle of the monument. According to Dash, pyramids are around 4500 years old, and this theory of perfection was available then. Apart from this, he showed counterclockwise errors in the pyramids of Khufu and Khafre. Besides, the red pyramids at Dahshur aren’t free from these errors. But unfortunately, the Egyptians didn’t leave any document or architectural plan that could explain more about the pyramids’ alignment. 

Built to escort Pharaohs in the afterlife: 

The primary aim of the great pyramids is to construct a place for the burials of pharaohs and their families. In Egyptian culture, gods used pyramids to escort the dead Pharaohs spiritually. If we investigate the history, the Egyptians were religious and considered pyramids a safe entry into life after death. The shape of the pyramids provides a new life to the dead people. If we look in-depth, a physical body emerges from the ground and goes toward the sun. The reason behind this structure was to create an ease for soul connection with the setting and rising sun. 

escort pharaohs - great pyramids

Apart from this, Egyptians used to build sphinx, and the main purpose was to protect the kings from spiritual attacks. 

Sphinx protects the pyramids: 

I hope you have seen the sphinx in photos and videos. It is an ancient Egyptian culture in which an image has a lion body and a human head. However, the main aim of this sphinx was to seek spiritual protection in tombs and temples. So, the pyramids of Giza have the most famous sphinx that is 73 meters long, 6 meters wide, and 20 meters high. In addition, the eyes of the sphinx are around 2 meters tall, making it huge and a treat to watch. It has the body of a lion and a human face that is meant to represent Khafre. 

sphinx - great pyramids

Facts about the pyramids:

The great pyramids teach Egyptian culture, mysteries, and untold stories. However, knowing more secrets of them would be interesting. 

The design of the great pyramids is very accurate and well-calculated.The ancient Egyptians didn’t have great iron tools for construction
The pattern of breaking stones for construction was apparentSkilled workers didn’t use wheels for construction
Egyptians didn’t use enslaved people for construction; instead, they were skilled workersThe architect techniques are mysteries to this date
They got the granite from Aswan that was used in constructionThe great pyramids are also used as a queen’s chambers  

In addition, you should know that the Egyptian pyramids are not the first. Now we can see many pyramids that are inspired by the design technique of the great Egyptian pyramids. 

Tombs of the Egyptian gods: 

It’s not among the secrets of great pyramids that the unique structure attracts many archeologists. The journey started in 1922 when famous archeologist Howard Carter and their team came across the mummified remains of King Tutankhamun (TUT) in a short valley. However, the location of the first discovered mummy was 320 miles south of GIZA. The remains of King Tut were buried beneath the sand that wasn’t too far from the mummy of King Ramses VI. It was a mystery that the location of these tombs remained unknown for more than 3000 years. But before this time, most of the ancient tombs had been discovered. Still, the tomb of the little King Tut, who ruled for only ten years and died when he was 18 years old, was unknown. However, this discovery of mummified bodies came with thousands of priceless items in the four rooms tomb.

Under the tunnels of pyramids: 

Great pyramids consist of tunnels, secret rooms, chambers, and artifacts for the afterlife. We can say tunnels are as old as the soil, but not many people know about underground tunnels. The information is private, and the government maintains a high confidentiality level. However, the officials never shared any information about the value of artifacts they found from the pyramids. 

Interesting details about the pyramids of Egypt:

The construction model of the pyramids is based on PI. All mathematicians know Pi is linked with the Golden section Leonardo da Vinci, Corbusier’s “Golden Wurf”, also known as Fibonacci numbers

fibonacci numbers - great pyramids

In recent times, the pyramid of Cheops (Khufu) is the only surviving wonder of the world. We can see the construction pattern of pyramids to learn more about the secrets and interesting facts. The wall passages represent an accurate depiction of the construction expertise. 

Moreover, thanks to the unique construction model, the temperature of the pyramids remains still, even if the outside temperature is thousands of degrees. 

The pyramids act as a valid symbol of soul and self-integration. For instance, the base of the monuments is like a body; the sides are like spiritual attempts to calm the body. These symbols aim to connect humans with the eternal afterlife. 

The location of the great pyramids is unique. For instance, we can see the “NORTH STAR” and “MILKY WAY” from the top of the monuments. However, the credit for location selection goes to OSIRIS, who was an Egyptian God closely connected to the afterlife. So, Osiris selected the location west of the NILE. In old times, gods used to associate the setting sun as a symbol with death; that’s why everything was linked with the sun’s cycle. The aim of choosing a location on the west of the Nile was to create ease for the soul connection of Pharaohs. The souls were meant to connect with the setting sun in the evening and the rising sun in the morning; it represents eternal life. 


The ancient structure is still a puzzle for people, and scientists are still trying to uncover the mysteries. The pharaohs represented eternity who would become gods in the afterlife. So, the pyramids were built to make their afterlife journey easy. Experts, scientists, and archeologists are always looking for ways in which they can use technology to know the secrets of the great pyramids. It’s human nature that they want to uncover mysteries. However, if they succeed, then all thanks to science, we will be able to know more about the grand structure.

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