What Makes You Unique as a Person and How You Can Use That to Your Advantage?

 What Makes You Unique as a Person and How You Can Use That to Your Advantage?

Understanding what makes you unique is very important, because it makes it easier to use those traits as an advantage in your day to day life. Making sure that you know what leads to your uniqueness and why you are unique in the first place is very important. At the same time, it’s that uniqueness that might give you the upper hand and lots of great opportunities in life, which is exactly what you want to pursue.

The way you think

When it comes to what makes you unique, the main thing would be how you think and approach things. We all have a different way to tackle questions and tasks. Some are rushing into completing the project. Others have a methodical approach. We are all different, so the way we think and how we tackle any of the challenges that come in our lives is definitely what makes us shine and unlike any others out there.


Ideally, you want to be the type of person that has a clear, results-focused mindset. You also want to be positive and just focus on being happy. Your mindset is the one that truly makes you stand out. And while there are obvious challenges that arise, facing them properly and finding the best approach to doing so can indeed help you.

Social skills

The way you approach social interactions also makes you different. Some people are introverts and prefer virtual chatting to real life interactions. Then there are extroverts and those that need people around in order to feel validated. These are some of the things that do make you very different and unique in your own right.

Your memory

There are people that have a very good memory and remember everything. But there are also people that barely remember what they ate 2 hours ago. As you can see, when you ask yourself what makes you unique, your memory is a primary factor to take into consideration, and a very important one at that.


Another thing that makes you unique is your range of hobbies. Every person likes different things, and it’s a great idea because it allows us to express ourselves. That’s why you’ll see people who are very passionate about movies, or who create delicious recipes, or who are fans of video games and can talk for a long time about AWP Asiimov, its skins and so on. There will always be different hobbies to pursue and that’s great, because it allows you to express your ideas, while also feeling happy and enjoying your time. Hobbies can help you clear your mind, reduce stress and eliminate a lot of challenges. Which is certainly a thing to keep in mind.

The way you dress

you are unique

When you try to figure out what makes you unique, you soon realize that your fashion sense and style is one of those traits. That’s easy to see why, after all we like different things and clothing styles, not to mention accessories or memorial tattos. There’s something for everyone on the market, and that’s great because you can access some amazing benefits, stay an elegant woman or man and the results as a whole can be staggering. 

Your skills

Yes, skills are very important in our lives and we all have different ones. Some people are great when it comes to outdoor skills, others are really good at computers. Then you also have people that are born to be entrepreneurs and others are great at crafting stuff with their own hands. Some women have natural beauty and tall height, so they can easily become a model. Your skills and the way you learn and manage them make you unique and certainly a lot different to all the other people out there. Which is amazing, because it gives you a sense of growth and you get to push the boundaries and limits the way you want.

The way you tackle risks and fear

You’ll notice that a lot of people succumb to fear, they like to live a life without risks and that’s ok for them. Others thrive when it comes to taking risks and they are more than willing to risk everything they can in order to achieve success. Which is exactly why you need to take risks sometimes, otherwise you will be living within specific borders imposed by others. Having control over your own life, choices and beliefs is exactly what makes this well worth the effort.


If you ask what makes you unique, then experience is a very important answer to focus on. And the main reason behind that is yes, experience does matter and it allows you to tackle things in a different way. Our experiences make us different, and they encourage us to take a specific stance or tackle situations in a certain way. Which is great, because no two persons have the same experience in life, and thus they end up making different choices.


creativity makes you unique

Some people are creative because they are gifted and were born with these traits. Others work very hard to become creative in their own field, they try to master various skills and so on. Tackling that is very important, and in the end it does bring in a vast array of incredible benefits. Being creative is amazing and it certainly adds a way to express yourself, while also not being limited in any way.

The ability to adapt

You’ll notice that there are a lot of people with the ability to adapt and achieve great results. Others are less able to do so, and it’s definitely an issue for them. The truth is that being able to adapt, to learn and focus on what you can achieve is always going to come in handy. Of course, not everyone is able to do so, and it can take quite a lot of time for them to achieve these things.

Not following others

It might sound obvious, but many times what makes you unique is that you are not following what others are saying or doing. Instead, you get to do your own thing and it actually helps you. It eliminates situations when people might not know how to tackle certain things. And instead it just makes it easier for you to show off what you can do and the things you want to pursue. Being yourself and not having any influence from others is important and a rare trait these days.

The ability to process and refine information

It’s a skill that many people would like to have, but it’s not very common. This is one of those things which really matters, especially in the business world. Having a true focus on gathering and processing information, filtering what you need and eliminating the other stuff is very important. Of course there are obvious challenges that will always be there, but in the end you have to adjust, adapt and just focus on what you can do very well.


It can be difficult to understand what makes you unique, but there are various things to focus on that will show you just how different and unique you really are. You can take the ideas above as a great guideline, since it helps you better understand exactly what makes you different when compared to others, and that on its own can be very important. It’s a crucial thing to focus on for sure, especially if you want to master those traits and stand out!

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