Canadian Marble Fox: Everything you need to know

 Canadian Marble Fox: Everything you need to know

When you look at the Canadian Marble Fox, it seems to be a very cute, yet rather strange animal that’s very hard to explain and understand. That’s because the Canadian Marble Fox is a hybrid fox breed. It’s called the marbled fox, some even add the arctic moniker to it. As the name suggests, the Canadian Marble Fox is native to the Canadian grounds. 

What is the Canadian Marble Fox a hybrid of?

There are 2 main species that were combined to create the Canadian Marble Fox. These are the Silver Fox and the Red Fox. Apparently the first of these breeds were conceived during 1945. Since then we can find a lot of different examples in the wilderness. With that in mind, these are wilder and dangerous animals. Despite their cute look, they are not domesticated, nor should we expect them to be domesticated in any way. 

The size and appearance of the Canadian Marble Fox

What’s great to note about the Canadian Marble Fox is that it’s a very cute hybrid, and it has glossy fur. The fur is also very thick, something that you will find to work extremely well and which will deliver an excellent value. On top of that, the pelt is very attractive due to its incredible look, and it pushes the boundaries when it comes to value and the experience as a whole. That’s what makes it such an interesting animal in the first place.

What about the size of this fox? Males tend to be around 46 to 69 cm, whereas females are 46 to 51, so a bit smaller. A similar thing is valid when it comes to their weight. The males can be from 3 to 9.5 kg or so, whereas a female will be 1.5 to 3.6 kg. Females are generally a lot smaller in size, and that certainly makes them much easier to identify and detect.

Are the Canadian Marble Foxes dangerous?

The behavior of each animal differs, so it’s hard to know what they will do and how they will react. With that in mind, these are wild animals, and they aren’t really domesticated. That means they can be dangerous, but there are no known examples of any Canadian Marble Fox attacking people. Still, you want to be certain that you are taking good care of yourself and prevent these animals from attacking you in any way, so try to keep that in mind. 

Aside from that, you should note that like any other fox, the Canadian Marble Foxes are also very curious. They are known to be opportunistic, so if they see any food or prey, they will do their best to attack it as quickly as they can. Unlike other foxes that are known to like groups, this is a breed that’s not entirely excited to be among others. These animals tend to be solitary, and that alone can be an upside, but also a downside. It always comes down to understanding the animal and protecting them from attackers as much as possible.

Are the Canadian Marble Foxes naturally occurring?

Unfortunately, that’s not the case. The Canadian Marble Fox is bred artificially, since the main breeds they are a hybrid of come from the Arctic region. However, we have to note that over the years, more and more Canadian Marble Foxes are in the wilderness these days. Yet most of them still live in captivity, which is a thing to take into account. You will find most of these breeders to be in Canada, but some breed these foxes in the US.

How do you know if a Canadian Marble Fox lives/lived in the wilderness? The best approach is to check their coat. A fox that lives in the wilderness will usually have a thicker coat, and that’s the main point you want to check for. In addition, as we said, they tend to be solitary hunters. There will be some cases when these foxes will form packs. However, that’s quite hard to identify, and that’s why you have to address it as much as you can. 

Is it ok to have the Canadian Marble Fox as a pet?

As we said, these are wild animals and they aren’t really made to be domesticated. There are states in the US like Arkansas, Florida, Tennessee, Ohio, Oklahoma, Nebraska and so on where you can keep any fox as a pet. Then there are other places like Indiana or North Carolina where you will need a permit. So in general, the Canadian Marble Fox is not exactly allowed as a pet, yet some states will allow you to have one if you want.

What kind of enclosure do you need for the Canadian Marble Fox?

What you will notice about the Canadian Marble Fox is that it does need a larger enclosure where it can live without issues. An enclosure of over 100 square feet with 2-3 levels will be good, but anything larger than that will be even better. Another thing to note is that despite this being a rather solitary breed, they do need socialization with humans. So you have to be there for your fox, especially when it’s little. A lack of socialization encourages these foxes to be hostile and that alone becomes a problem.

The diet of a Canadian Marble Fox

These foxes are omnivorous, despite the fact that some might think they are carnivorous. They will eat fruits and vegetables, carrion and insects, voles, rabbits and mice. They also steal food from other animals if necessary, which is a common theme in their case. If you domesticize them, they will eat meat, wet or dry dog food, and many other similar things.

The Canadian Marble Fox is an amazing, cute animal, but it’s not entirely suitable for domestication. However, some breeders domesticate these foxes from a very early age, and depending on where you live, you might have the opportunity to adopt these as a pet. That’s amazing, because it goes to show the uniqueness of these foxes, along with their versatility as well!

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