Top 9 Tips to Make Your Video Stand Out: a Guide for Filmmakers

 Top 9 Tips to Make Your Video Stand Out: a Guide for Filmmakers

Creating a video is more than just filming some footage and throwing it onto YouTube. Sometimes, the most creative videos with the best production value can leave people feeling bored and uninterested. To really stand out, you have to work on your story, find ways to make your productions more entertaining, and work with other filmmakers to create captivating content that reaches people on an emotional level. Check out these tips to help you make your video stand out.

Use plenty of light

Lighting is the most important aspect of filmmaking. You need to have plenty of light. You should never film in a dark room or outside at night without the proper lighting equipment, as it will make your video look amateurish and unprofessional. When you want to create an emotional scene, use dimmer lighting to set the mood. However, when filming an interview, you should always use as much light as possible.

Make use of editing tools

Editing is a key part of the filmmaking process, and it’s important that you use editing tools to make your videos more compelling. You can use a variety of editing techniques on your footage to highlight certain scenes or points, as well as create mood and tension. One way to do this is by using jump cuts, which means cutting from one shot to another in quick succession. This technique can be used to quickly change the tone of your video or for dramatic effect. 

When you’re looking for the right editing tools, it can be a daunting process to find something that can provide you with everything you need, especially if you’re a beginner. For help finding the perfect tools, check out this guide on the top video editing tools.

Keep your editing simple

If you want to create a story that people will remember, it’s important to keep your editing simple. Don’t distract your audience with fancy visuals or effects; just focus on the story and let film clips speak for themselves. Remember, less is more.

Prioritise crisp, clear audio

audio is important to make your video

Audio is a very important aspect to make a good video. If the sound quality is poor or if there are any distracting noises in the background, it is likely that viewers will be distracted and not enjoy your video. It also makes it difficult to hear what you are trying to say.

To really impress your audience, make sure that you have crisp, clear audio throughout your video. One way to do this is by using a professional microphone with a windshield and getting as close to the mic as possible so that the mic picks up only your voice. Try recording in an isolated space with minimal outside noise and use headphones for audio input. 

Additionally, you can also record a voice-over to replace the audio in your video using editing software. However, this may take some practice as it can be challenging to match your speech pattern with the footage in order to make it appear as though it is the original audio.

Use stabilisers to avoid shaky footage

One of the most annoying things about videos is shaky footage. One way to avoid shaky footage is by using a stabiliser. A stabiliser will help you keep the camera from shaking and give your art video a more professional look, which will make viewers more interested in what you have to say. Plus, if you’re filming in a moving vehicle, you’ll want to use a stabiliser so that when the car stops abruptly, the camera doesn’t jump around.

How to use your phone to capture footage

filmmaker and phone

You may not have a professional camera with you. Instead of getting frustrated and just giving up, try using your smartphone to capture footage. You may be surprised at how much better the footage can turn out. When filming a video with your smartphone, you need to make sure that you’re careful about where you’re filming. It’s a good idea to shoot in an area with as much light as possible so that the video is easier to see. And there are some other tricks you can use too. For example, if your phone has features like filters or effects, try using them on your footage. Most smartphones nowadays have these features built into their apps for recording video, and it can help add more emotion or show more detail in the footage by applying these settings before filming.

Work on your camera presence

A significant factor that determines how interesting a video is to watch is the person on the camera. If you have an interesting personality and keep it on the camera, your audience will be more likely to stay interested in your video. This can be accomplished by making your videos personal. Find ways to include yourself in the video, like interviewing someone or including shots of yourself throughout the video.

Practice speaking to people who are not in the room, and make sure it looks natural. If you can’t do that, then find some friends or family members who can act as your audience and practice with them. Be sure to get feedback from others when recording yourself, too. It’s tough to be objective about our own work, so have someone else take a look at what you’ve done and give you their honest opinion of it. If they notice something you missed, then go back and fix it before posting.

Shoot multiple angles

When shooting a video, it’s important to shoot from different angles. This will make your production feel more immersive and engaging for the viewer. Different angles provide different perspectives and incite different emotions in the viewer. Sometimes, changing up the camera angle can help you tell your story in a unique way.

Plan your videos in advance

Make sure you plan to make your video in advance. It’s important to know how long the video will be and what content it will include. Knowing this information allows you to plan a budget, set deadlines, and organise your filming schedule. Furthermore, this is a great time to plan out how you want the final piece to look and what you may need for the editing process.
Overall, using these tips can help you to make your video stand out from the crowd and improve your viewer engagement. Take the time to review them and keep exploring new options.

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