YouTube channels for Students to follow next year

 YouTube channels for Students to follow next year

YouTube channels for students have become a major source of information and knowledge for the last few years. You can find almost every lecture on YouTube regarding any subject and topic. People are learning new stuff, subjects, techniques, and skills from YouTube. YouTube is not just about fun, movies, and entertainment, but there is an ocean of knowledge and information out there.

Spending numerous years and hours trying to master and learn ideas, speculations, recipes, and books can get a touch overpowering. Typically, we get diverted going on YouTube to discover amusing content to take our brains off the pressure. Did you realize you can utilize it for both studying and having a great time? These five dynamic and intuitive Youtube channels for students will improve your learning background while uncovering distinctive material from your courses in an energizing way. Look at them!

Crash Course

If you feel that you could not learn any specific topic in your classes and now want to improve that concept, this is going to be your best channel. They are covering almost every topic regarding Economics, physics, chemistry, biology, politics, and astronomy. In simple words, they are covering almost each and every topic that you are ever going to learn in your regular classes. 

The cast is experienced, and tutors teach with the help of awesome graphics and helping materials to create an effective environment for learning purposes.

Khan Academy

If you have not checked Khan Academy till now, then go ahead and check them out. This amazing channel is famous on the international level. Most of the subjects are the main target of this channel. Their main mission is to provide better learning facilities around the globe. Their math videos on different topics are very famous among college students. 

Khan Academy - Youtube Channels

Thomas Frank – Youtube Channel

The main focus of this channel is to educate the students about tips and lessons to improve their college learning. Their video content regarding different topics of colleges’ syllabus is best. They are providing researched information about tools and resources that can help college students regarding their studies.

You can find a lot of videos on this channel regarding motivation, tips, and strategies to improve your learning experience. 

The School of Life

If you have any questions about college life and study materials, this can be your first pick, as they have covered most of the related topics. Most of the videos are about wisdom, motivation, and intelligence. They are trying to teach us the science behind life and how we have lost our track in this race. 

If you are looking for new ideas and motivation, this channel is recommended by different experts on politics, psychology, and other non-technical subjects. 


This channel is an international community in different countries around the globe. They upload videos about unique ideas and powerful talks for their subscribers. TED videos are generally about motivation and sharing ideas. In videos, a speaker describes his ideas and thoughts regarding a different aspect of our daily life, like success, business, and family.


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