Real Ways to Make Friends as an Adult

 Real Ways to Make Friends as an Adult

Making friends as an adult can be not easy for everybody. We, humans, are social creatures by nature and need constant interaction with other people. Thus humans are always seeking to form a clique. There is always a thirst for befriending; likewise, people satiate the social side of human nature. 

Real ways to make friends are as easy as pie for kids. Because kids are pure at heart, so they tend to make friends easily. While growing up, numerous changes happen, and the purity of the heart is somewhat defiled. Adults are mature and, to some extent, reticent. So making friends as an adult is quite a task which requires effort. 

Making friends is an inevitable need because we need someone to share the bond. There are many ways, even for adults, to make friends. There are a few tips enlisted below to implement it.

Friendships, for better or worse, or the lack thereof, can have a significant impact on our happiness. They aid in the development of our daily rhythms and can even help us form our goals and desires, motivating us to become who we want to be. To make friends as an adult, despite their importance, might be far more difficult to form and sustain than they were in the days of lunchboxes and late-night dorm room companionship.

Be social to make friends as an adult

People have a diverse nature. Some are shy and introverted, while some are rather expressive. In order to make friends, one needs to be social. Attend functions, go out on gatherings, and participate actively in social congregations to the extent you like. Being social will create opportunities to meet people and befriend them.

The way we interpret the world, according to board-certified psychiatrist Roxanna Namavar, D.O., frames our whole lives. You won’t go very far if you approach social situations or establish new acquaintances with hostility. This is basic law of attraction 101: we must focus on what makes us happy. If we just think about our lack of new acquaintances, we reinforce that fact.

It becomes simpler to see and connect with other folks with whom we relate when we start focusing on doing things that make us feel good and engaging in ways that promote pleasant sentiments, she writes.


Empathy is the essential element of friendship. When you become close to people, try helping them out by understanding their situations and circumstances. Feel the pain and understand their struggles. Try reaching out to them and make them feel that you truly share their sorrows. 

We are increasingly living in bubbles. We are surrounded by individuals who look like us, vote like us, earn like us, spend money like us, have similar educations as us, and worship like us. As a result, we have an empathy deficit, which is at the basis of many of our problems. It’s because of how homogeneous people’s social circles have become, as well as the fact that humans are biased by nature. However, researchers have revealed that, contrary to popular belief, empathy is a learnable skill.

Vulnerability in adult age

After hanging out with people for some time, open up a bit about yourself. Make others feel that you trust them. Share your problems and difficulties with them. This will create a bond between you and them. They will also feel important, and thus, your bond will be strengthened. 

According to studies, when strangers get to know one another, the more information they give about themselves, the more they like one another. Furthermore, when people realize they have something in common, their rapport frequently improves—so if you’re looking for strategies to strengthen your bonds, don’t be scared to be vulnerable. Ask thoughtful questions that encourage others to share about themselves, practice active listening, and be willing to open up to others about yourself if you want to form deep, lasting connections.


Every relation stands on the ground of trust. When you make a promise, you are obliged to fulfill it. It gives the impression that you are a good person as well as a good friend. Fulfill the commitments you have made. Either it is some work you have promised or a meeting, always try to be on time. This will build up confidence in friendship.

Friendship is more than simply a one-on-one relationship; it may also refer to the wonderful sentiments that come from being a part of something larger than yourself. Neighborhoods, workplaces, and places of worship are all part of traditional communities, but new ones can be established in any way you like.

Consider what interests you have that you might be able to spend some time on. Taking up taekwondo, yoga or joining a knitting circle, joining a neighborhood listserv or simply teleworking from the same coffee shop at the same time each week, becoming a part of a community will expose you to like-minded people and give you an important sense of belonging that goes beyond even volunteering with homeless pets.

Stay in touch with friends as an adult

stay in touch with friends as an adult

Good friends do not abandon their friends. When you find people likewise, try to be in touch with them. In this digital age, it is not difficult to keep in touch with people. Check up on them often. This will create a bridge that will lead to friendship.

It’s not always difficult to meet people, but it is to make friends as an adult; in fact, you might have more small-talk partners than you know what to do with. Many people, however, become stuck at this first, surface level because they lack the guts or knowledge to dig a little deeper. Bring up a topic that was discussed in the previous conversation.

Remember little things and ask about them. Make a revelation that puts you in a vulnerable position. Suggest a last-minute outing and splurge on an extra ticket for something unexpected. Pay someone a compliment. Tips: Have someone send you a text to let you know how something significant to them went. Offer them a resource, even if it’s only a link you found on the internet, that you’ll SMS them later. Only by starting with a nudge of making things more personal and ongoing can you get from talking about the weather to becoming friends for decades.

Similar interests

Try to find people who share your interests. It is the most effective way of making friends. It automatically generates a link between people. With similar likeness for things, you can find several ways to interact with others. And it boosts up chances of friendship.

Share and celebrate to make friends as an adult

Sharing happiness multiplies the happiness itself. Additionally, it creates affection for those you share your happiness with. Celebrate achievements, birthdays, festivals, and other occasions with friends or people you want to befriend. This will pave the way for you to make friends for a lifetime. 


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