Every house has a story to tell

 Every house has a story to tell

Each house has a story. So, knowing the year a house was built can tell this story through all the owners it has had. Also, one may need to know the year a house was built to obtain a tax credit. In this article, you can find out how to do it.

Go to the local cadaster office.

The cadaster used to designate a computerized system that records land ownership status in a territory. It also designates the organization responsible for maintaining this set of information systems. Therefore, it allows knowing the extent and nature of a property. The cadastral documents consist of plans, and cadastral say matrices that contain information about the construction of a field. It also contains information relating to the work that may have been carried out on this site.

Thus, the land contribution distribution is facilitated and more equitable. Also, the cadaster exists in several types. Thus, the legal cadaster provides a beginning of the proof of the acquired rights on a property. There is also the fiscal cadaster, which provides information on property tax.

Also, in some countries, we have an agricultural cadaster, a decision-making tool for agricultural infrastructure. There is also the solar cadaster for assessing the solar potential of buildings in relation to a given territory. Also, note the green cadaster to monitor the ecological network.

Local land registry

To find out the year, your house was built, go to the local land registry office. The latter must be located in the town where the house is located. Also, make sure you know the latter’s exact situation: address, house number, and name of the owner.

Once you have the document, first consult its alphabetical table. You will find next to the name of the owner the folio number of the cadastral matrix. It is subdivided into 4 important and useful columns to reconstruct the history of a house. It is:

  • The Year column of the acquired plots
  • The Year column of the sold plots
  • The column of folio numbers of previous owners
  • The folio number column of the following owners.

Thus, the items acquired are taken from the penultimate column while those sold are moved to the last column. So, by continuing the excavations, you go back to the first owner and to the date of acquisition of the land by this one. Ultimately, you find that your house has a story.

House has a story

Consult the websites

Each town hall has a municipal site. The latter often offers the possibility of consulting the archives that list information relating to the municipality’s properties. Thus, you find the names of the different people who have owned a given house. Likewise, you have the dates of the acquisition and sale of the latter.

Many sites constitute departmental archives. It is then sufficient to have the deed of ownership of the current owner. Then you enter the requested information, and in a few clicks, you can find out when your house was built.


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