Impact of Technologies in Education Industry

 Impact of Technologies in Education Industry

Do you know how new technologies are used in education?

Technologies has become an important tool in education industry. According to the IV Study on the use of technology in the classroom, 73% of those surveyed affirm that they use ICT in their classes daily.

The report mentioned above also highlights data such as the following:

  • The device most used by students is the digital whiteboard and projectors, followed by laptops and PCs.
  • Among the most important challenges for introducing technology in the classroom is teacher training with 44%, connectivity problems with 37%, and sufficient devices for all students and/or teachers.
  • 30% of those surveyed claim to have received training in ICT use by their center, but not enough.
  • 54% of those surveyed affirm that the relationship between technology and increased motivation among students is high.

In short, we are witnessing a change in teaching and learning that adapts to the technological environment in which we live, representing an important change for children.

What are the new technologies?

Although we all hear about new technologies almost daily, we are often not clear about what they consist of despite using them every day on our mobile, computer, or television.

New technologies can be defined as a series of novelties in technological tools such as programs or applications applied in communication.

Advantages of new technologies in education industry

Not so long ago, having your computer or mobile was almost impossible, but technology has evolved, and these tools are more easily available.

New technologies in education industry provide advantages such as:

– Increased motivation. The boys and girls who attend school today are usually digital natives, so they use technology in their day-to-day lives. One way to connect with this digital generation is to use new technologies that attract attention and make each subject attractive. This will improve performance and increase motivation.

– More interaction. Technology favors the interaction of students with each other and with teachers. This means that they can contribute opinions, express themselves more easily, and contribute their point of view.

– Teamwork. New technologies in education favor teamwork to promote values ​​such as cooperation, communication, solidarity, respect, etc.

– Increased creativity. New technologies in education industry help students to activate their innate imagination and create new and surprising things.

– Bidirectional communication. The means of communication that allow the use of new technologies favors two-way communication; that is, it is no longer a teacher who teaches his students that he listens in silence. It is mutual learning in which communication is more fluid.

New technologies in education industry: what can be applied?

Applying new technologies in education is quite simple; we propose some ideas:

– Use of virtual reality. Can you imagine a history class in which your students can see up close how people dressed and lived at a certain time? Or a geography class where students can see a jungle or desert up close? Virtual reality can have many applications like these in the classroom.

– Learning in electronic books. The era in which the backpack was filled with heavy books for different subjects to attend class ended long ago in many schools since electronic books are used, more accessible and easy to use by children

– Creation of a blog for the class. It is a simple tool that students can use to share information, make reflections, or present their projects.

– Teaching geography with Google Earth. Google Earth is an excellent tool for teaching geography in the classroom in a fun and highly visual way. For example, you can see the Earth’s geography in three dimensions, measure distances between two places, or observe an area from different heights. The possibilities are multiple; you need to experiment.


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