Addressing Access to Different Levels of Education

 Addressing Access to Different Levels of Education

Making sure that everyone has access to education is incredibly important and one of the crucial things we need to ensure our society evolves. We can’t expect our society to grow without people having great levels of education. As we invest in our future, we need to understand where things will go and prepare for any challenges that arise.

Education brings us a way to not only fulfill incredible opportunities, but it can also help convey exceptional results. However, while things sound great on paper, the reality is very different. Around 600 million kids all over the world can’t have the minimal math and reading proficiency levels. Sure, 2 out of 3 kids are in school, but there are many reasons why they end up either leaving school or not getting access to the education they need.

What leads to people having different levels of education?

As we said earlier, a lack of money ends up pushing parents to stop bringing their kids to school. And on top of that, we have other issues like poor infrastructure or the lack of proper educational materials. Of course, financial aspects are prevalent in other ways, since kids come to class very exhausted or hungry, and that does affect their health and wellbeing. They can’t benefit from those lessons, and that alone can be extremely difficult.

And on top of that, not all kids have internet access to try and learn things using online sources. Needless to say, we end up with varying levels of education, and that brings an unfair advantage to some people, which can be extremely difficult in its own right. And on top of all these issues, there are other prevalent problems. These include things like health issues, since many children live in poor areas and don’t have access to important, professional medical assistance. 

Plus, due to living in poor regions, some kids need to work from a very early age, and they have the inability to go to school. They might even lack time for school and similar activities. Unfortunately this affects the future of our society because kids need to try and shape a better future for themselves in the long term. That’s the thing to take into consideration, and it’s one of the many challenges kids will have to face during their lives.

 Is this issue becoming problematic?

The short answer is yes, a lack of proper education is becoming extremely challenging and hard to deal with. For example, one out of five 15 year olds doesn’t have the minimal math, reading or science competences. Around 10% of young people are early leavers in the world of education, so things are quite problematic in the EU due to that reason alone. 

Not only that, but the pandemic made things even worse. The Covid impact is extremely challenging, and it shows that kids end up leaving education due to different reasons, and few to none of them ever come back.

Creating a new framework to help improve success and delivering access to higher levels of education is extremely helpful. The lack of support and finances can end up affecting kids with tremendous potential. Everyone needs to have access to a great level of education, and doing that is not going to be easy. Yet once everything is implemented adequately, it can lead to excellent results and exceptional benefits in the long term.

Also, governmental authorities need to have a better understanding of how they can support and improve learning environments. Investing in the right infrastructure and teaching talent is extremely important, as that can also have a significant impact on the future of our society.

Is it possible to offer equal access to education?

That can be a tough thing to do because education is not something equally accessible to everyone depending on where you live. Yet still, making sure that everyone has similar or equal levels of education is something we need to pursue. Either that, or at least we need to ensure that there’s a way to have at least a minimal amount of education that every country can provide.

Doing that is important because it raises the levels of education, while still offering better chances to everyone as they grow and try to find a job. All these things are super difficult, but with the right programs and support from international commissions, nothing can stand in our way.

We need to realize that having access to quality education brings a large number of perks. For example, it can help deliver an equal chance and great opportunities, not just to those that had a privilege. On top of that, we also need to understand that there are political, economical and even physical situations that can prevent equal access to education. Yet by offering a framework to eliminate those problems, we will help convey a much better result in the long term. 

Does parental education play a role?

Of course, having parents that will allocate time to ensure their kids learn properly and without any issues is extremely helpful. It allows kids to boost their confidence levels and trust their instincts. On top of that, it shows them that education and learning is not just something they can do at school. They can always learn new things even if they are at home. 

Sure, a lot of parents don’t have time for this due to their busy schedule. However, it helps if you assist your child and engage in various educational activities. Aside from cognitive stimulation, kids have the opportunity to access high educational attainment. In the long run, that can also bring a higher income rate too, something to take into consideration. 

Research shows that minorities, kids with a bad socioeconomic status and migrants can end up lacking the fair advantage that others have. Which is why it’s imperative to offer support to all these categories and many others. It might not be something easy to do, but in the long run this can be nothing short of spectacular. 

Will our society reach equal levels of education for kids in the long term?

The future is bright, and many governments are already working hard to implement equal access to education. We need to have equal access to education as that’s what will help set everyone aside in the long term. There are always significant challenges and problems that can arise when it comes to education. But if you know how to implement it properly, the benefits can be exceptional. That’s why we think it’s imperative for everyone to have adequate plans and ensure kids always have access to the right educational systems.

Focusing on diversity and offering equal opportunities to everyone regardless of why they are different is what will help bring education for all. If we want everyone to have similar or identical levels of education, then we have to implement a system where people won’t deal with constant restrictions. Of course, not everyone has the same learning expertise, knowledge or power. Yet it’s important for every person to gain access to education and opportunities. A minimal education requirement that’s higher than what we have right now is what will help ensure a massive difference. It will provide better opportunities to children, while also solidifying our future!


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