The Top 5 Education Technology Startups

 The Top 5 Education Technology Startups

Education technology is playing a revolutionary role in the field of education. Tech startups have a big role to play in this. From creating a unique platform that is helping teachers to get their point across to increasing teacher-student interaction. Tech startups are definitely redefining the traditional classroom. Here are just some of the tech startup in education that has taken on the world:

Delphia – Education Technology Startup

It is one of the unique technology startups in education and it uses AI to help people make difficult choices. For instance, which college to attend or which field to major in. All you have to do is take a 40 question survey and see which college would suit you. That’s not all this tech startup can do. If the user does not like the results, they can let Delphia know and the system will choose another option. 

Delphia is working on artificial intelligence (AI) tools to assist people in making complex life decisions, such as which college to attend and which degree to pursue. A high school student can fill out a 40-question survey to find out which schools and programs are the best “match” for him or her.

Delphia’s technology, according to Andrew Peek, the company’s chief operating officer, has been taught to generate these recommendations based on survey data from recent university grads. Users may also tell Delphia if they don’t like the recommendations, and the system will recalibrate its recommendation mechanism.

Delphia’s services are available in a variety of market verticals, including education technology. It has leased its surveying tools to media outlets such as Vox for use in articles that require this information. (Here’s an example of a narrative that employed a Delphia tool during the 2016 election.) A similar collaboration, according to Peek, might be formed with universities or an educational organization interested in using its survey software. Delphia received funding from Golden Venture Partners before joining Y Combinator.

Edwin – EdTech Startup

This is another tech startup in education that helps people with the English language, especially if they want help with standardized tests like Toefl. The company offers a Tactics & Practice course for Toefl that merges Edwin’s tutoring with that of English teachers. It also offers free vocabulary courses and students can learn up to 20 words every day. The tech startup is now looking into incorporating a Google Assistant with the program. 

Edwin is an English tutor who uses artificial intelligence. Dmitry Stavisky, the company’s CEO, believes that there are few excellent options for students who wish to learn English for standardized tests like the TOEFL.

The San Francisco-based education technology startup, which was founded in 2016, presently provides a TOEFL “Tactics & Practice” course that blends Edwin’s AI instruction with that of experienced English instructors. It’s a short, intensive training, according to Stavisky, that can take anywhere from one to three months to complete. It’s generally $250, but there’s a $50 early access deal available right now. According to Stavisky, roughly 1,300 students have enrolled in the course since it began on March 15.

A free vocabulary lesson is also available from the company. Each day, students can learn up to 20 new words. According to Stavisky, 750,000 people took the course last year.

To use Edwin, kids must first join up for Facebook Messenger. It will next ask a series of questions to determine the users’ current level of language proficiency and how much time they intend to devote to utilizing the tool. Edwin currently supports speakers of Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Russian, and Hindi. According to Stavisky, the company is also working on Google Assistant.

Glimpse K-12 – Tech Startup in Education

A tech startup in education that aims to help management. The company wants to help k-12 schools maximize their resources so that they can improve the learning outcomes. The tech startup can gather data from different sources such as student information systems, achievement records, and also financial platforms to see if a particular strategy could be of any help to anyone.

This Huntsville, Ala.-based firm hopes to help K-12 schools and districts solve a long-standing problem: using data from several sources to help educators better coordinate their spending and resources to improve student results. “We want to assist district officials in maximizing student outcomes with limited resources – whether human or financial – by ensuring that every dollar is spent on activities that are beneficial to students,” says co-founder Adam Pearson.

Pearson claims it can gather data from a variety of sources, including student information systems, financial management tools, and student accomplishment records, to determine whether a product, strategy, or other investment is improving student learning.

The education technology startup charges districts per student, and 20 of them have already paid to use the platform. Glimpse is now being utilized in Morgan County District Schools in Alabama to analyze more than 50 products for their usefulness in enhancing student outcomes.

Glimpse had raised $435,000 in funding prior to entering Y Combinator. It isn’t alone in trying to help schools better analyze the return on their investment. BrightBytes and Schoolzilla are two other startups in this field.

Code Club – EdTech Startup

This tech startup for education is a nonprofit that caters to kids between the ages of 9-11. The aim is to teach them programming languages such as Python by starting from Scratch. These classes are run by professional computer programmers. 

From Aberdeen to Truro, the organization has helped to teach over 75,000 youngsters through Code Clubs housed in schools, libraries, and community centers around the country.

Primary school teachers can also benefit from Code Club’s training workshops, which are led by computer science specialists. The goal is for teachers to feel confident, excited, and equipped to teach the Computing curriculum after completing this program.

Juni Learning – Education Technology Startup

Juni Learning is also on our list of tech startups in education. Ike Hunter2, this tech startup focuses on computer science. It offers online tutoring for individuals who want to excel in the field of computer science. Juni Learning offers nine courses in this field, and they all focus on specific programming languages. Their target audience includes kids who are between 8 to 18 years old. However, the tech startup also says that they have students who are as young as 8 and as old as 50. It seems to be quite the hit with people. The best part is that instructors are also students who are getting their degrees. 

Vivian Shen (CEO) and Ruby Lee (CTO) co-founded Juni Learning to provide a service that meets the market demand for online tutoring and computer science education.

Juni, which was founded in 2017, presently offers nine computer science courses. Each of courses focuses on a different programming language. The company created the curriculum, which includes programming activities ranging from building games in Scratch to working with APIs and big data sets in Python.

The company’s main demographic is children aged 8 to 18, however the co-founders claim that users as young as 5 and as old as 50 have signed up. Private, weekly 50-minute lessons with an instructor, which cost $250 per month, and small-group weekly sessions (limited at 3 students), which cost $160 per month, are currently available. According to Shen, instructors, who are frequently computer science students or recent grads, typically take home half of the tuition.

So, we have discussed the best tech startup in education industry and what they are doing. What do you think is the right pick for you? 


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