Top 7 mistakes that kill startups

 Top 7 mistakes that kill startups

Do you know about mistakes that kill startups? Why exactly do businesses fail? This is a common question yet very important because many have wondered after they thought they have considered everything; however, they fail. And most of these businesses fail right from startup. So, after doing all necessary things, why is your startup still failing? If you are eager to know the reason then carefully read an article to the end.

Sole ownership

A business idea might start with an individual, but the implementation does not have to be a single person. For instance, most successful businesses today started with a person, but in the background lies a lot of investors and partners. It would be best that you face the truth; starting a business is a very hard thing to do, but it becomes simpler when done in a team.  You will need people that you can brainstorm ideas with. And this does not have to be hired employees; it could be your friends or a family member. 

Imitative ideas

This kills startup more than you could ever think of, be original about your ideas. Do not make the mistakes of copying ideas as others do. Do extensive research and identify the problems that people face and leverage on that to start a business. Instead of copying google, build a unique business solving people’s problems.

Starting too early

You are eager about starting a business, so you want everything to be fast. You will need to calm down a little bit. But it does not mean that you should be slow about it; you only need the right time to start. Before starting to identify everything, you need and plan for the unexpected.

Business mistakes

Having a generic target

As much as you will be eager to solve everyone’s problem, it might not be visible in business. When you are not specific about your target, you might be swallowed in competition or might not even have the necessary resources to meet up.

Raising little capital

Depending on the business, the capital demand of every business might be different. While writing business plans, many entrepreneurs limit the amount of capital needed for the business. Irrespective of your business, always ensure you raise capital that is more than what you presumed will be needed.

 Too many founders

Having multiple founders is very good; in fact, it is a great way to have enough motivation for the business. However, it would help if you were careful as too many founders can lead to problems. This is most times dangerous, especially when they do not have any experience.


The startup stage is a perfect place to get distracted and spend on unnecessary things. Therefore, it would best that you note your priorities and know the ones that are worth spending on and those that will not benefit your business. A good way to avoid overspending is to make sure that every founding member is experienced and has a skill that can help the business.

The list of mistakes that kill startups is not limited to this, but they are part of the commonest ones. If you want your business to survive the startup stage, you would need to avoid these mistakes.


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