Step by Step Guide to be a Great Startup CEO

 Step by Step Guide to be a Great Startup CEO

The startup CEOs of a company carry out many business actions every day, but some are key, define their role, and promote collaboration. Here are essential points to be a great CEO of a startup.

Those of us in the business world often hear the word CEO, General Director, Executive Director, etc.… Even those of us in this position, on many occasions, have presented ourselves under such an appointment. Everybody or almost everything affirms that an organization’s success depends largely on its CEO because only he can carry out certain actions and lead his collaborators towards progress and achievement of corporate objectives. But how do we do it?

Here are seven points that, in Tech Moths own experience, are essential to being a successful startup CEO:

1.   Establish and communicate the mission and business vision. 

The startup CEO or Executive President must establish the strategic direction (mission, vision, objectives) that the organization must follow. Suppose these concepts are not clear in the minds of employees. In that case, decision-making will be difficult, and, also, our organization will become a group of people pursuing individual goals and guided by their values. While it is true that outlining the organization’s strategic vision can be a collaborative matter. The leader of the organization needs to communicate it effectively so that collaborators understand their role. Responsibilities and remain captivated and involved to work on it.

2.   Obsessing over customers. 

It is a fact that technology and society evolve faster than an organization can adapt, especially now in the digital economy. There is no option: you have to be obsessed with customers or lose. Every moment of truth counts when it involves customer loyalty. For some startup CEOs, this paradigm shift will be easy; For many, it means rethinking the business model. Therefore, the challenge lies within the leaders themselves, and it is they who must lead the Digital Transformation – use of technology and methodology to address changes in behaviors – updating or reforming processes and systems to amplify existing and unforeseen opportunities since those who currently use may be acting against them.

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3.   Startup CEO Build a corporate culture. 

The corporate culture is a factor of integration between all the organization members and adds value to the way processes. Corporate culture are carried out to impact the experience of collaborators and clients. A leader of any organization needs to pay attention and get involved in the culture developing to mold it until reaching the desired culture. For example, values are a critical element whose application must be consistent in all business areas and levels. Why does it? Good corporate culture makes employees feel safe and respected, allowing them to provide their best performance at all times.

4.   Cultivate trust and general communication. 

Why is this look necessary? Because regardless of your company’s size, creating an environment of trust and establishing communication channels at all levels and collaborators will allow you to set goals (results) and behaviors (values) and then provide the resources to achieve them. Under these conditions, it is much easier to get involved with your collaborators, know their work, and identify if the goals are being met or failing or needed to meet the objective. Undoubtedly, trust and communication will allow you to instruct, advise, reward, or sanction; whatever it takes to get the best results for the business.

5.   Startup CEO Provide the necessary resources. 

Business leaders must carry out the task of balancing available resources, especially financial and intellectual capital so that they are available in the required quantities and at the right time; To do this, they have to work closely with those in charge of Finance and Human Resources. This work involves maintaining that balance for all departments and initiatives and according to the organization’s goals. Not easy, right? But not impossible. And you know that to make such decisions, it is important to have a deep understanding of all aspects of the business and have a clear company’s vision. 

6.    Act in crises and conflicts. 

Some organizations feel that they should stay as far away as possible when these types of situations arise. However, these are key moments in which they are required to act, as it is a good opportunity to gain authority, demonstrate their power, and strengthen their leadership with all stakeholders; otherwise, they could lose authority and damage their image and that of the company. 

7.    Be the face of the company. 

It cannot be denied that many businessmen and women such as Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, or Lorenzo Zambrano and María Asunción Aramburuzabala, were and have been key figures in the marketing and Public Relations of their companies. Many organizations worldwide may not be as well known for their products or services as they are for their startup CEO faces and actions. This is a milestone that some of the business leaders still do not fully understand; And it is not necessary to be a figure as prominent as those mentioned above to know that they are the voice and face of their companies, and they are the ones who largely determine the perception and reputation that they have of them and their brands in the market. Public opinion.

There are many functions that a business leader must perform to keep his company on top. However, good startup CEO know how to organize their time to fulfill each of their responsibilities because they know their companies’ success depends on it.


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