How to be an organized working mom

 How to be an organized working mom

There is no wonder that moms are superheroes. But did you ever think about how moms manage to organize time? Managing many responsibilities with such talent and organization doesn’t look easy. But at some time, moms feel burnout and tired. So, in this situation, time management plays a crucial role. If you aren’t doing time management effectively, it’s evident that your kids will get neglected. However, it happens because you spend a lot of time out of the house at work. 

Tips to stay organized as a working mom:

“The energy you spend to be an organized working mom saves time and energy later.”

Staying organized is a tough job for the working mom because nowadays, women work full time. So, it’s crucial to align responsibilities and mom duties together. Time is precious, so here are tips that you can use to be an organized working mom. 

Don’t forget to plan the day before time: 

If you want time management in life, planning is a crucial thing that you shouldn’t neglect. Moreover, it would be helpful if you could be an early riser. So, wake up in the morning and exercise or meditation to kickstart the day. Furthermore, it would be to have a morning routine because it makes things organized. You can take your morning routine in the following manner: 

  • Wake up 
  • Set your bed 
  • Do exercise or any other physical activity to stay activated throughout the day. 
  • Shower 
  • Brush or blow-dry hair 
  • Apply body lotion and do a skincare routine 
  • Get dressed and open the blinds 

These are little things but bring much difference and organize the day. Moms think that applying lotions and creams wastes time. But if you are fit and happy, you can try to make your kid’s life. 

Get the whole family on board: 

If you are a working mom, it’s crucial to match your calendar with your family. In this way, you can make things easier and more organized by making little effort. Apart from this, it helps the family to spend time together. So, if kids are old enough, they can let you know about their plan. But if kids are small, you can align things with their school timing. For instance, pick them up from school and try not to set meetings on essential school days. In addition to this, you can adopt this plan to make plans with extended family and husband. 

Designate a time to relax

Relax Mom

You might want to get everything done each day, but this is important. There must be a time each day that your hands will be free. If you want to retain a sane mind, it is imperative that you do this to take some things off your mind. Having a time like this will enable you to stay focused when engaging in other activities. Some might think of a time like this as a waste, but it will eventually make you more productive.

Schedule task ahead

At the end of each day, spare out some time to plan for the next day. If you want to stay organized, then you will need a to-do list. Probably, before sleeping, list out things you want to do the next day, starting with the most important. Having a schedule will make you not only organized but also very productive. 

Take advantage of modern gadgets.

There are many gadgets and mobile apps that can make life simpler for you as a organized working mom. You can use some virtual assistant apps to schedule your task. You can also use some household gadgets that will make you carry out house chores effectively and quickly. 

Plan meals ahead

Preparing meals is always time-consuming, but it takes more time when you have no clue what you want to cook or what your family wants to eat. If you’re not good at mind reading, talk to your family and plan each meal in advance. Also it is good to shop ahead when you are less busy. And the best time to do this is the weekend; plan the menu for the week and shop groceries that will be enough for the week. In short, ensure that you make effective use of your weekend by using it as a time to plan for the new week. 

organized working mom

Take some tasks off your list.

Please take note of the task that you know other people can help you handle and delegate to them. If your child is still little, you might need to hire a nanny. Or you can even hire another person that will do the cleaning and the laundry for you. Sometimes you might not need to spend money if you have a family member who can ask for help or even a close friend.

Teach your kids how to be organized

As kids get older, there are simple things; they should be able to do themselves. Teach them little things like organizing their rooms or even picking toys on the ground. It might look simple, but it is a minus on your to-do list. 

Maximize the use of weekends: 

Weekends play a crucial role and act as a helping hand for organized working moms. On weekends you can take a break from the 9-5 hassle and focus on your family. So, you can focus on the simple yet most precious things in life on a free day. On weekdays a working mom doesn’t have enough time to spend with kids and family. So, weekends make the hassle easier, and you can do whatever you want to do with your free time. 

Do meal prep for weekdays: 

Meal prep works like a jam, and due to this, you can give a healthy lifestyle to the family. If you aren’t eating at home, it would be heavy on your pockets and health. So, you can pre-plan meals for the weekdays. Apart from this, it would help a lot if you could half-prepared meals on weekends. In this way, you will have to spend less time on meal preparation during weekdays. 

Use online modes: 

Bill paying and grocery takes a lot of time and energy. But you can save this time by using online modes. For instance, use online apps to do groceries and pay your bills through an autopay system. Grocery stores are crowded, and you will have to stand in queues to do your daily life shopping. But you can take advantage of online grocery facilities. In this way, you can save the effort of writing bills and checks every month. So, autopay saves time and makes life hassle-free. 

Note: Still, if you can’t organize things, there isn’t any harm in hiring house help. Thus, if your budget allows, then you should try this option.  In this way, you will have a less chaotic and hectic environment. As a result, it will bring peace, and you can rest in your free time.

Tech Moths Final Verdict: 

The responsibilities of being a organized working mom are enormous, tiring, and can be frustrating. However, being a working mom is more strenuous, and you might need to work out some magic before you can have any time for yourself. Because after allocating time for your work and the children, there might not be time left. 

In fact, if you are not very careful, the frustration of working as a mom might push you into quitting your job. However, it does not have to reach that point. With this post, you will be able to balance your life as a working mom.

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