6 Mobile Apps that Can Help Improve your Child’s Grades

 6 Mobile Apps that Can Help Improve your Child’s Grades

It is not all mobile apps that are a source of distraction. When used correctly, some of them can help to improve your child’s grades. Some of these educational apps can help your kids study better, be more interactive in class, and maintain the required academic discipline expected of them. So, when next you give your child that phone or tablet, make sure these six mobile apps are installed. It would be best if you also encouraged them to use it regularly for better mental and academic improvement. Check out SoftGoza for more updates

These mobile apps are:

YouTube Kids

Youtube Kids - 6 Mobile Apps

YouTube remains one of the best resources for your kids to learn about different topics. The reason is that students respond more to videos than textual information. Depending on your child’s level and age, you can either download the YouTube Kids app, where they can stream educational videos on almost any subject of their choice, or grant them access to the standard YouTube app. If you decide to give them access to the standard YouTube app, you can activate the safe search option. Also, YouTube maintains a strict policy about the type of searches performed, so your kids are quite safe. YouTube remains the best app to have, especially when it concerns educational videos. It is available on iPhone and Android devices.

Reading Eggs

Reading Eggs is an award-winning learning app that has helped millions of children learn to read. With this app, your kids will learn how to read using guided reading lessons, interactive reading games, various fun activities, and thousands of interesting digital storybooks. One amazing benefit of using this app is that parents can receive detailed progress reports and see their child’s results instantly in their dashboard. This enables the parents to evaluate how their child is improving and identify the areas where extra attention is needed. Great for children aged 2-13, Reading Eggs is a complete learn to read system and is one of the best educational apps out there. It also covers the five essential components of reading: vocabulary, phonics, comprehension, fluency, and phonemic awareness. Reading Eggs app is free to download on iPhone and Android devices.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a popular educational mobile app. It offers instructional videos, practice exercises, and a personalized learning dashboard where students can efficiently study at their own pace – whether in the classroom or at home. This learning app helps to find educational resources for reading, writing, science, math, and more. The app also gives you access to stream, watch, or download thousands of academic video lessons on various topics like science, math, humanities, economics, and many others. Khan Academy app is available on iPhone, Google Chrome, and Android devices.

Tappity for kids

Tappity - Mobile Apps

This is an engaging app that teaches kids a variety of science topics. Tappity for Kids teaches 100+ science topics with fun stories, games, and experiments. The interactive and narration interactive features make it suitable for a wide range of ages. The app’s science guide, known as “Haley,” usually takes students on mini-adventures, where she teaches various science topics. Haley also encourages children to get their parents frequently involved in the action to share in the marking of their accomplishments. The app is available on iPhone. 


This app helps in improving your child’s vocabulary. Although it’s a paid app, it costs less than an actual dictionary and gives you access to millions of English words and definitions. It also comes with antonyms, synonyms, thesaurus features, history, origin, and many more. There’s also an exciting feature called “Word of the Day,” where students can continuously learn without indulging in reading. The free version contains ads, while the paid one doesn’t have such distractions. Dictionary.com App available on iPhone and Android devices.

Dragon Box

Dragon Box provides the perfect platform to help your kids start learning mathematics from an early age. Most kids will hardly respond to just numbers. However, if mathematics is combined with educational games and fun videos, they will quickly pick up geometry and algebra concepts. Dragon Box app can help your child to make math fun and also improve their overall learning experience. It is simple to use and makes the overall subject easier to understand.


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