Top examples of technology that you can use now

 Top examples of technology that you can use now

Technology has continued to evolve, and every day a lot of interesting developments are being made. Some of the technology devices and software available are designed to make life easier for humans. And eventually, shorten the process of carrying out some tasks. Emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, robots, and machine learning spread like wildfire. But these niches displaced many workers. So, we need to accept the reality that technology is here to stay. Thus, we will have to make changes in our lives and start learning new things. 

Top examples of technology you can use now:

If we look at the stats, then only 17% of recruiters have successfully found the workforce with the right skills. Technology is involved in our lives, so it will be better to accept this reality earlier. Thus, let’s start with the items we can use in our daily lives. 


In 2022 data scientists are in demand, and they work to generate measurable insights and business procedures. But it’s also a reality that there is a vast gap between demand and supply of skillful workers. So, if you want to take advantage of this opportunity, then get your hands on R & python. Besides, a list of languages like C++, Java, Spark, and SQL are already incorporated into our lives. But if you are already using this type of technology, don’t forget to upgrade your skills

Electric or self-drive cars: 

I hope many of you have seen electric or self-drive cars running on the roads. But now the technology is getting better day by day. Here are the new features that the companies install. 

  • Car batteries that last longer 
  • Charging stations and infrastructure is growing rapidly 
  • Self-driving technology is smarter 

So, if we look around, Tesla is heavily invested in these self-drive cars. But here is a minor problem Tesla has a complex autopilot mode that can take over driving control. Still, we have a strong hope that manufacturers will help us go completely hands-free one day. 

Butler robots: 

In recent times, robots are expanding around the world. If we look at the records, there are around 1.2 million robots in the world. Here is the breakdown of numbers that shows how heavily we are invested in this: 

Japan – 306,700 RobotsNorth America– 237,400 RobotsChina– 182,300 Robots
South Korea– 175,600 RobotsGermany– 175,200 Robots

Moreover, the estimated investment is expected to grow from $15 billion to $67 billion by 2025. Many restaurants are taking services from robots as butlers, supervisors, and security in-charge in everyday life. These machines can perform creative and physical actions efficiently. 

Record-keeping software: 

The main aim of technology is to make our daily life easy. However, record-keeping is one of those avenues where the use of technology is utmost. Many companies have switched toward electronic databases and spreadsheets if we look around them. Apart from this, other apps make digital presentations and processing easy. However, in this regard, you can take the help of office productivity software and decision-making tools. It’s always a treat moving forward to a paperless office, and it’s good for our environment too. 

Solar panel technology you can use: 

The solar panel is another revolution for the betterment of the environment. We need the energy to run the day-to-day functions, and the energy consumption is costly. Thus, we need to switch toward something less expensive and easy to install: solar panels. Moreover, it’s cost-effective and has a vast potential to become the future of technology. We can easily install panels on your rooftop. Apart from this, many companies are trying to fit it into car roofs. This way, we can power the car, and the battery will last longer. 

Blockchain technology: 

Initially, blockchain started with bitcoin and cryptocurrency. The main aim of this technology is to promote independence and get rid of useless authorities. However, due to its unique features, blockchain may assist in many sectors like: 

  • Financial transactions like the banking sector 
  • Will help in the record and verification system 
  • Assist in smart contracts 

The revolutionary nature of these technologies helps us get rid of unlawful and illegal activities. So, the most competent person is the one who will adopt this revolution without any delay as it’s for the betterment. 

Automated cabinets

It can be difficult for almost anyone to reach things placed on top shelves or behind cabinets. However, installing cabinets that can pull out or lower automatically enables one to access everything needed easily. Many options are available for automated cabinets; it can either go straight down or out and down. 

Having these cabinets means you don’t have to struggle and tip-toe before you get your things, which eventually will minimize the risk of falls and sprains. Additionally, you will for yourself a more organized cabinet, especially the way you want them because you don’t have to put items on one or two shelves to get to them. 

Internet of Things (IoT) : Technology you can use

The Internet of Things, popularly known as the IoT, is one of those technological advancements that you can take advantage of. It is simply the idea that there can be a connection between technological devices and the internet or between devices. The connection is an effort to unite the physical and digital worlds. However, the question of how this will affect you is dependent on your line of work. If you are in marketing, advertising, or media, the IoT can be useful in providing useful information regarding people’s interaction with products and devices. Eventually, this data can be beneficial in improving advertisement campaigns and user experience. 

Smart Phones

This is practically the commonest technology product around. And billions of people worldwide have considerable access to smartphones. However, there are many benefits of this technological device that might not be known. We often focus on using it for social networking or using them for digital shopping, but we can use it for other things.

  • Physical and Brain fitness: Many apps are focused on helping people increase their IQ, and they mostly mind games. Playing such games will help you exercise your brain more. And on the other hand, you can be focused on exercising your body. You will also get apps online that will help you have a workout routine. 
  • Monitoring your health and calories
  • Setting reminder for important appointments and many more
cloud storage technology

Cloud Storage

It was in the past that you needed to have many memory spaces on your device before you can store your files or have to get your hands on your device before you can access your files. Presently, you can store your files in the cloud and access them wherever you are and from any device. Examples of apps for cloud storage are Google Drive, One Drive, Dropbox, and Zapier. 

Virtual assistants App : : Technology you can use

This is gradually becoming popular among smartphone users. The virtual assistant is an Artificial intelligence assistant programmed to understand natural voice and carry out user tasks. Tasks like placing calls, reading out messages, searching for numbers, and a lot more. Examples of such apps are Siri, Alexa, Cortana, Alisa, Google Now, Facebook M, and Google Assistant.


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