When was my House Built: How to find out exactly

 When was my House Built: How to find out exactly

Do you need to find out exactly when the house was built? If so, then you’re on the right webpage. Keep reading, and you will learn how to find out the age of your property.

To determine when your house was built, use research and investigation methods. Find out the documents of your property. Check the dates of documentation, a bound set of papers that tell your home’s history in dates order.

If you don’t find your documents, go to the county recorder’s office or visit its website. The recorder’s office has all the records of all properties as public records. You can have an idea of the year in which your home was built by looking at the records.

Here, we have discussed some ways of finding out the exact time when your house was built. 

Check for HM land registry records to find when was your House Built

To find out the age of your house, check the Her Majesty land registry records. They have historical ownership records known as title registers. Your house’s age can find out by seeing transferred dates from the developer to the first owner. You may have a copy of the title registers as well; you can use it to compare the dates to find out the exact age of your home. If not, then visit the land registry portal and enter the postal-code. A list of properties will appear, and you might find your property there.

Architectural style & characteristics

Architectural style and characteristics of house

There are cases that the properties were not registered in the past. Often houses have no registration date mentioned in the records. If that’s the case with your property, you can determine by analyzing your house’s characteristics, i.e., its interior and exterior designs. As time passes by, architectural designs also change, so you can have an idea by finding out the dates when your house’s design was in trend. Moreover, you can ask any professional architectural investigator to help. 

Surrounding properties

Homes that are built in your surroundings can give an idea about when your house was constructed. In urban areas, properties are more uniform. Some buildings are constructed for special purposes. In many cases, features of the old buildings are retained for several reasons. You may find evidence of their original use by exploring the surrounding land. When you observe the nearby architectural designs around your house, they will help you find the time when your house was built.

Historical investigations of when your house was built

If you are still struggling to find out the age of your house, you should investigate deeper. Most of the libraries have maps of your local area; you may find your house in them. This will help in finding out the date of construction of your house. If you do not find anything on maps, the local historical society can also help you with their records.

We hope that the ways mentioned above will help you find the exact date when your house was built.


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