What does Digital Presence Say about Your Business

 What does Digital Presence Say about Your Business

How many times have you wondered about the importance of having a digital presence on the Internet when you are a small local business, and the resources, both financial and time, are not too much for you.

Having an Internet presence consumes resources that, in many cases, small businesses do not see it rewarding. So, you wonder about the importance of the Internet in your business; what are the reasons for having a website or presence on Social Media?

Actually, what you want to know is what all this is going to contribute to your business. Are you going to sell more for having an internet presence? Are you going to have more clients for being active on Facebook? I think the answer is not a resounding yes, as you might expect. You will not have more customers or sell more simply by being on the Internet.

But if you are clear about what you are on the Internet for, what you want to achieve with it, and how to achieve it, the online presence will be a great ally to reach more customers and sell more.

In this article, we will develop this topic so that you can get an idea of the importance of following digital presence or Internet strategy and how useless it can be to be around.

What is digital presence?

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The online presence, or online visibility, is just the fact that a company exists online. Therefore, digital presence can take the form of a profile on social networks, a website (e-commerce site or showcase site), or even a listing on Google My Business. With large amount of Internet users in World , and a lot of people who visit at least one social network daily, digital presence is essential to make yourself known, whether you are a VSE / SME or a large company.

What are the benefits of online presence for a business?

Benefiting from digital presence is now more important for companies than benefiting from a presence in traditional media (print, TV, etc.).

First, ensuring your online presence will allow you above all to be found by Internet users who do not yet know you and, therefore, win new customers.

Indeed, 97% of consumers will first go on the Internet to find a professional, whatever the problem may be, and 50% of searches online turn into sales!

Therefore, having digital presence is above all participating in the customer journey, which is different today from what it was a few years ago since the Internet precedes the purchase decision in the vast majority of cases!

Also, take a look at your competition: most are already online. If you have competition on the Internet and you are not, you are giving them an extra chance to gain customers to your detriment. Especially since the Internet offers multiple options to stand out from the competition:

  • the creation of unique and interactive content;
  • original design;
  • development of digital products or services…

Another advantage of having a digital presence is that people will have access to your business and its information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!


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