Best Social Media Monitoring Technology Tool

 Best Social Media Monitoring Technology Tool

Social media monitoring tools help you identify useful information from the mass of data available to you. The key is to set specific goals, isolate the important metrics to your business, and then find the tools to present that information to you in an easy way.

Social media monitoring tools can help you:

  • follow the news of your sector
  • track what customers, competitors, leaders, and others are saying, based on themes or keywords
  • manage your reputation
  • Network

How does social media tracking software work?

Social media monitoring tools let you know what is being said about your brand, products, or services on social media like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. They allow you to respond quickly to customer complaints, spot trends. They allow you to analyze your social media initiatives’ impact. Also determine how your social networking activities affect your successful business.


With a very modern interface, Buffer is ideal for delivering content throughout the day on several social platforms: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest.

Buffer - Social Media Monitoring Tool

If you are looking for a simple and efficient management application to plan your posts and thus save time in managing your social media accounts, Buffer is your new tool.

Additionally, all available accounts (Individual, Awesome, and Professional) allow users to track engagement metrics such as shares, favorites, comments, and clicks. All this information can help you find out with little effort: your best-performing publications.

 Buffer’s free image-maker can help you quickly create engaging images for your social media posts without any hassle. The app has several stock images that you can use, but there is also an option to download images. This tool is very handy and worth trying!

Cons of this social monitoring tool

Suppose you manage many social accounts with many followers, and you are interested in responding to comments, tweets, or just interacting with your audience. In that case, Buffer has its limits, and in this case, it’s probably not the best option.


hootsuite workflow - social media planning and monitoring

Integrated with over 25 social networks. Hootsuite is the right management tool for you if you are looking for engagement, good publishing features, relevant analytics on your performance, and a tool to manage your campaigns.

One of Hootsuite main strengths is to facilitate public engagement. On a single dashboard, anyone on your team can respond quickly to posts, mentions, and comments in any region or department. There is also an option to save responses for delayed sending, which can help you.

Another useful feature is targeting your posts and sharing content with your customers based on location, language, and demographics, allowing you to reach and connect with your online audience smartly and efficiently.

Cons of this social monitoring tool

Hootsuite is a complex, multi-functional platform and can be a bit intimidating for young newbies on social media, and it takes a bit of getting used to. However, once you skip this step and start exploring all of its benefits, it’s worth it.


Khoros Dashboard Social Monitoring

Khoros allows users to watch online conversations through keyword searches. Its reliable posting capabilities, as it also suggests optimal planning time. If reporting is what you’re looking for, Khoros is second to none. It provides advanced analysis reports, and all data is presented in formatted charts, which you can easily export.

Their dashboards are a good source for a quick reference of what’s going on on your pages. It’s also very easy to track what type of content is performing best on specific channels.

Cons of this social monitoring tool

For those who are not yet familiar with social media, Khoros takes some time to learn. Although there is a series of documentation for training in this tool, it turns out to be sometimes complicated to find the answer to its questions.


Percolate social monitoring tool

With Percolate’s customizable marketing calendar, you can schedule content across multiple channels, organize and collaborate with team members on campaigns.

Its user-friendly interface makes it easy to find what you are looking for. For example, you can easily find all the images you’ve tweeted or look at the calendar to find out how many times you’ve posted in a day through different social channels.

If one of your primary goals is content creation, Percolate is a great choice. It provides everything you need to create visually appealing content, such as access to Getty Images and your own built-in media database.

Percolate’s ‘The Brew’ content suggestion feature is extremely useful in finding current content to share, saving real-time.

Cons of this social monitoring tool

At the moment, there is no possibility to change the time zone for different users, an issue that can be difficult to resolve if you are part of a global team.


twitter monitoring technology tools

If you’re looking for a Twitter-focused management tool with a cool interface, Tweetdeck is the perfect fit.

Tweetdeck allows you to interact quickly on this social network. It is also extremely flexible, as it allows you to add any Twitter feed that interests you. Additionally, desktop notifications can be configured to ensure you respond to comments or questions in real-time.

One of the best things about Tweetdeck is the search features. You can easily stay on top of the latest Twitter trends and join social conversations on hot topics.

Cons of this twitter monitoring tool

It isn’t easy to manage more than one Twitter account, and the schedule of tweets, including post images, cannot be changed.

Lack of analysis can also be a problem; this solution is more aimed at junior community managers.


oktopost - social media monitoring technology tool

With an incredibly easy to navigate interface, Oktopost doesn’t take a long time to become an essential everyday tool.

Some of the benefits identified by our community management team include tracking the total number of clicks on your posts, group scheduling, and access to a single dashboard where you can post and schedule posts across multiple social networks.

Cons of this social monitoring tool

If you want to share a piece of content on multiple channels simultaneously, there is no option to do it automatically; you have to copy and paste the post for each platform.


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