Things that Make Apple Watch Bands more Valuable 

 Things that Make Apple Watch Bands more Valuable 

You’ve bought an Apple watch and couldn’t be happier. It is one of the best smartwatches currently available, and surely costs you quite a lot of money. However, over time, you may start to get bored by its monotony. But, not everyone can replace their smartwatches every year. 

This is where an accessory like a watch band can be useful. Stainless steel and leather bands are two good options, but they too, have become pretty common nowadays. So, if you want something different, what you need are these unique apple watch bands that come in exciting shapes and designs. 

What are their different types, and what other details must you know before purchasing them? Keep reading to find out. 

What makes apple watch bands so different?

You must have seen stainless steel and leather bands, but how about a wooden one? Or one that resembled a chain, giving it a solid look? They are different from the usual stainless steel and leather bands. One look at them, and you realize that immediately. 

Designs you can choose from

unique apple watch design

The diversity in designs will leave you impressed at first sight and perhaps even make you smile at the creativity behind them. Double Chain, Wood, Beaded Apple, Glitter Apple, and Resin are some appealing designs from which you can choose.

Which sizes do they come in?

These quirky bands come in 38, 40, 41, 42, 44, and 45 millimeters. However, these sizes do not reflect the band’s length but help you understand their compatibility. For instance, they are compatible with all Apple series: 7,6, SE, 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1. If you are unsure regarding a size, check the engraving on the back of the dial for the watch’s model and size, and choose a band accordingly.

Colors you can choose from

Some of the color choices you have are blue, black, brown, purple, pink, gray, silver, and white. While selecting a color, check if it matches the dial. A mismatching band will impact the overall appearance of the watch.

Apple watch bands features

Here’s some information to help you understand their features based on the band type. For example, the Beaded Apple contains high-quality Agate Beads (a semi-precious gemstone that contains revitalizing properties, according to some people). It has a length of 5.51 millimeters and is elastic. You will find these in gray, pink, purple, and white colors. 

Another example is the Wooden Band, a top choice if you like wooden products. It is made from 100% natural lightweight sandalwood with a butterfly clasp buckle. It has a distinct fragrance and ranks highly in terms of aesthetics.

Check these details before placing an order

Buy the bands from an online retailer that offers a 1-year warranty. You might also want to check the refund policy and whether they give at least 45 days for returns. Do they have various payment options like Visa, PayPal, and Discover? Before placing your order, check the shipping options for domestic and international orders and the charges. You might also check if they have 24×7 customer service if you need their help at some point. 

If it’s the unique Apple watch bands you want, you can find plenty of those in online stores. They are suitable for those who prefer something new and exciting. From Beaded ones, to ones with glitter-covered straps or wooden straps, there are a number of options available currently. 


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