Profitable Industries are Offering Web Development Apprenticeship

 Profitable Industries are Offering Web Development Apprenticeship

Web development apprenticeship is a new trend and the most promising field that is gaining people’s attention. However, many industries offer more opportunities than others. Although, you can find internship chances in all sectors like aviation, health care, accounting, etc. But if you are interested in web development, it is vital to find out the related industries. I hope you know the concept of apprenticeship. So, let’s move to find better web development apprenticeship opportunities in top industries. 

Top industries that are offering web development apprenticeships:

A web developer creates and maintains websites and web applications. Moreover, here is a minor detail that would help to understand this profession in a better way. 

ApprenticeshipWeb development
Average salary$15,000-$50,000
Working hours37-39 hours/week
Main Working toolsPhotoshop, Flash, CSS, JavaScript, and .Net frames

We all know this is the age of the computer; thus, you have to adapt it to move forward. So, there isn’t any industry that can survive without compromising on digital means. Therefore, if you are interested in a web development apprenticeship, then here are some top industries. 

Banking & finance: 

We all know that banks deal with financial transactions and investment-related matters. However, due to this, the banking industry is required to work on different software development services and websites. Thus, people can easily find a web development apprenticeship in this industry. If you are a beginner and it is your first experience, it may take up to 2 years to be an expert. So, this is a good field that can give you excellent opportunities to take away on this road. 

Web media industry apprenticeship: 

The media industry is one of those fields that function on digital means and technology. So, they need to include fresh minds in their team. Thus, due to this, newcomers can easily find web development apprenticeships in this industry. Moreover, this industry comes with lots of learning opportunities. There is a sub-list in this industry that can help to grab chances. For instance, the list includes digital marketing, journalism, and digital media. 

IT and tech web development apprenticeship: 

While mentioning web development apprenticeship, we can’t forget significant industries like IT & tech. These sectors have deep roots and links with each other and offer excellent opportunities to make a career in web development. Along with the web development here, you will get the chance to learn IT business and programming. So, there isn’t a better deal than this if you want to gain experience. 

Education and training: 

It is another promising field that has a vast scope. We all learn and develop skills. But there isn’t any better way than education & training to enhance knowledge. So, if you don’t want to try any other field, then education & training is perfect for you. Here you can get expertise on a specific side and polish that knowledge to make a career. However, here are the following types of web development apprenticeships in this industry: 

Health care industry: 

If you don’t want to pursue a career in the above fields, the healthcare industry is also a good option. There are plenty of chances here that can help to make a career in web development. The health care sector needs the websites and software to maintain the record. Thus, you can gain experience by doing an internship in the health care department. But here in this industry, you need some scientific knowledge along with technical knowledge. Here are some departments where you can get an internship: 

  • Assistant web development practitioner 
  • Clinical healthcare support 
  • Policing 
  • Security services 
  • Managing websites and records 

Apart from the above options, many industries can give excellent chances to make web development. So, here is the list of some other industries for web development apprenticeships. 

Travel industryRetail & commercial enterpriseScience and mathematics
Engineering & manufacturing technologiesArt industryHospitality industry

If we look at the data, then in the USA, there are 28,000 vacancies with more than 1500 roles. However, all of these vacancies are related to the apprenticeship. But by doing a deep search, you can avail best opportunities.

Available web development apprenticeship in different companies:

After reading out the list of prominent industries, now you should move further. So, here is the list of few companies that are offering web development apprenticeships. 

Company nameInternship duration
Detroit labs3-4 months
GaslightSix months
Spark boxSix months
Thought botThree months
TwilioSix months

Detroit labs

The Detroit lab is offering a web development apprenticeship in software development. However, the internship duration is around 3-4 months. Here you will get training with classroom learning. The main aim is to teach all aspects of software creation. Moreover, the company may offer a full-time job upon completion. 


It is another software development company that is currently partnering with 500 clients. Above all, this is a paid internship program that is almost six months. Here you can contribute to real projects that will enhance your working experience. 

Spark box

The Spark Box is providing a fantastic chance for people who are interested in web development apprenticeships. However, in this 6-month long internship, you will learn everything from frontend, backend, or anything related to code. 

Thought bot

If you want to go to the next level in your career, then Thought bot is a great choice. You can avail this internship chance in multiple cities. However, here intermediate developers and designers can easily apply. 


Twilio is offering a six-month-long apprenticeship program that aims to equip people who want to have technical knowledge. The company will give industry-related designing and developing experience. If you are in San Francisco or Denver, then this position is perfect. 

Final verdict: 

For any business, the website is essential and matters more than any other thing. Companies want to capture customers online, and websites make a business reputation. Due to this, web development and designing have a great scope. Thus, if you are interested in a web development apprenticeship, update yourself with the required tools, techniques, technologies, and frameworks. Web development has a vast scope, so it’s in your favor if you choose to keep yourself updated with current knowledge. 

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