How to complete an essay with no plagiarism

 How to complete an essay with no plagiarism

Students have to overcome many challenges to create perfect essays. They need to manage their time well to avoid rushing and stressing. They should also learn as much as possible about their writing topic, thus, spending hours researching. In addition, the entire process of writing is not the one that comes easily to students. Many young people struggle to put their thoughts in order and express themselves clearly on paper. 

Indeed, writing papers is a difficult procedure. Yet, there is one thing about writing that scares all students more than everything else. Getting caught with plagiarism is students’ biggest fear. Having a plagiarized paper will bring severe consequences for students, even if they never meant to plagiarize anything. Truly, sometimes, students have no idea their work was compromised until it’s too late. After all, not all young writers know the game well enough to play by the rules. 

Well, there are ways to complete an essay with no plagiarism. You just need to learn about them in advance. So, let’s see how to submit clean, original papers every time. 

Learn to paraphrase

There is no secret that students copy many of their ideas and arguments from other works. In fact, that is a big part of all academic papers. Students have to read lots of materials on the given topic to learn about the issue and common discussion around it. Moreover, it’s okay to use those sources as a basis for your future work. However, there are rules on how you can do it. 

You must have noticed by now that most academic works share similar ideas and arguments. Also, most such works also include the opinions of other scholars. However, they always paraphrase it and always credit the source. That’s what you also have to learn after reading such academic works. 

So, to paraphrase well, you need first to understand the idea behind the phrase. Thus, you should get to its core and see what messages authors are trying to communicate. Once you know it, you can explain it using your own words. Now, you can deliver that same idea in your paper but using a different approach and words. That’s paraphrasing for you in a nutshell. 

Though, if you still find it difficult, start by paraphrasing small sentences and simple ideas. Just ask yourself what those sentences are about and write down your answer. 

This approach may be difficult, but you will surely succeed in your mission. Start with simple texts and sentences. Then, look up synonyms on the Internet and think about what word constructions you can use for paraphrasing. Perhaps some points are obvious, but you do not see them yet.

Cite correctly

Perhaps, the number one reason behind plagiarized papers (except intentional copying) lies in poor citing or even a complete lack of such. Whenever you don’t do justice to the citing styles, you instantly borrow trouble. Correct usage of references and citing rules are there to avoid getting blamed for plagiarism. It shows that, yes, you are using other scholars’ ideas, but you are open about it. You give authors the credit they deserve. Thus, by citing their works, you pay them well-deserved respect. 

Of course, students don’t like the process of citing papers. It’s time-consuming and can be very confusing to inexperienced academic writers. For one, successful students need to distinguish and learn to apply at least three most popular reference styles: MLA, APA, and Chicago. Yet, each of these styles has separate editions and systems. Learning all of that is not easy, but surely possible. Fortunately, there are numerous online guides or citing apps you can use at any time. 

Be original

Don’t be afraid to bring your own thoughts and ideas to the table. Don’t second-guess yourself or seek similar thoughts to yours in every article you read. Your professors want you to express personal opinions and give a new, unique approach to the issues. That’s why they want you to write essays in the first place. 

be original

Unfortunately, most students are too afraid to speak their minds. Instead, they follow the familiar paths and neglect originality. Such a mistake may cost you. Overall, the more original thoughts you bring to the discussion, the fewer chances you have to fail a plagiarism check. So, do work on your individual thinking and apply these skills whenever you can.

One of the most important advantages of such software is the flexibility in identifying non-original text. Imagine that you can isolate and replace part of your sentences with something else. Surely you will be glad to be able to boost uniqueness in a few clicks. Please do not ignore these digital opportunities, as they can directly impact your academic performance. But do not forget that you should not lose your meaning in pursuing uniqueness. Your papers must remain solid enough that your professor has no complaints against you.

Use plagiarism checkers

Lastly, consider using a plagiarism checker before you submit a paper. There are many of them online. Most even offer their services for free. Don’t be afraid to use these. They are completely harmless but can prevent any uncomfortable situations in the future. Use a checker even when you feel sure about your text. You can still make a few mistakes in your citation or paraphrase too closely to the original text. Overall, you are just making sure that your work is original. One last test won’t hurt. 
Perhaps such a mission will be difficult enough for you to need outside help. How about finding good writing services? Surely the delegation of papers will help you deal with current academic problems. But which company to choose so as not to regret it? To get started, you should check out an honest Edusson review to know which sites you should avoid. Then, knowing all the critical search criteria, you will surely be able to choose a reliable writing service and solve your problems.

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