Freelance etiquette: How to send invoices

 Freelance etiquette: How to send invoices

Whether you’re new to freelancing or want to take your business to the next level, learning how to prepare and send out invoices is essential if you want to get paid.

That said, if you want your clients to receive your invoices, you’re going to need to learn how to send an invoice.

How to Send an Invoice

Preparing and sending out invoices yourself can seem like a daunting job, but it doesn’t have to be. Here is everything you need to know about the process of preparing and sending out invoices from start to finish.

Start With Your Agreement

Freelance etiquette starts well before you even begin preparing an invoice. As a freelancer, your first step in any business transaction should be to have your client sign an agreement. Your agreement should include information about how you’ll handle payments and a timeframe for their submission.

Your agreement should also include whether you expect a payment percentage before starting the job.

Having your client sign an agreement before you start work is imperative to ensure you receive the money you deserve after the job is complete.

Prepare Your Invoice

Once you have your client agreement out of the way, you can begin preparing your invoice. If you’re new to the world of freelance, you may be wondering how to write an invoice. You’re free to design an invoice yourself. However, the best way to create a comprehensive invoice without prior experience is by using a template.

Using an invoice template will ensure you include all of the necessary information on your invoice. This information includes things like the name of your client, an itemized list of services rendered, and the due date for payment.

You don’t need to buy fancy invoicing software to find an invoice template. Click here for a free invoice template to help you get started creating invoices yourself today!

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Send Your Invoice

Once your invoice is ready to go, all that’s left is to send it to your customer or client. Whether you want to send paper invoices by mail or go digital, you should include the method for invoice delivery in your agreement. Make sure to send your invoices out promptly. You may even want to create your invoice early and schedule the email to go out automatically — so you don’t accidentally forget!

Don’t Forget to Follow Up!

Finally, the final step in sending a freelance invoice is the follow-up. There’s nothing as frustrating as a freelancer as a client who doesn’t pay on time. When you’re a freelancer, not getting your money on time can take a toll on both you and your business. Fortunately, nine times out of ten, a late payment comes from plain-old forgetfulness.

After you send out your invoice, make a habit of reaching out to follow-up with your client to see if they need anything else and remind them to send you what they owe.

Time to Get Paid

Now that you know how to send an invoice, it’s time to get to work!

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