Automated Savings: 5 Tips to Effortlessly Grow Your Savings

 Automated Savings: 5 Tips to Effortlessly Grow Your Savings

Are you struggling to save money for your future goals? If yes, this article will help you increase your savings with little effort. Saving money is a struggle. It is something we all aspire to do so that we can achieve our goals. Often, we face difficulty in saving money. We may have bills piled or new gadgets launched now, which tempts us to swipe our credit cards. The biggest hurdle for many people is inconsistency when trying to save money. You can address this by using an automatic savings plan to ensure regular contributions are made to your savings or investment accounts. You must monitor your accounts regularly to get the most out of automated savings. Creating an automatic savings plan means never forgetting or making excuses not to save. This helps you to save enough money to reach your financial goals on time.

What are automated savings?

Automated savings passive savings. This means you do not have to put much effort to save. You can automate your savings through a traditional financial institution or an automatic savings app. You would not have to keep tabs on what amount of money in your checking account you are saving.

What Is an Automated Savings Plan?

It is a personal savings system in which a fixed sum of money is automatically transferred into a savings account. The transfers are usually done regularly. It can depend on how frequently you want to save. An automatic savings plan is an excellent way to achieve your savings goals. 

Benefits of Automating Your Savings

Automating your savings makes you consistent with your saving goals. It reduces the difficulties of manual transfers. 

  • Saving consistently

It helps to save consistently and you can regularly contribute to your account using the automated savings.

  • Saves time and effort

You need to set up automatic savings once; after that, the process runs smoothly in the background. You would not have to spend any extra time and effort.

  • It helps to prioritize long-term growth.

Automation makes sure you save money even before spending it. It helps to prioritize your long-term financial growth over short-term desires. 

  • Helps to meet your savings goal

Automatic savings simplify contributions. It helps you achieve your saving goals easily. You can even watch your progress and adjust contributions accordingly.

  • Benefits of Compound Interest

You can use automatic savings to invest in high-yield accounts with compound interest. If you consistently contribute to an account earning higher interest rates, your savings will grow exponentially. 

  • It develops a habit of saving.

You develop the habit of saving regularly. Over time, it improves your commitment to financial growth.

Top five tips to automatically grow your savings:

Save money on each paycheck:

You should set up a plan to put some of the money into a retirement savings plan or cash savings account before your paycheck hits your bank account. You won’t be able to spend it as you have already saved it. There are many banks that allow you to set up deposits from your checking account to your saving or retirement account. In addition, you can take the help of the pay stubs to keep a record of incoming money.

Enrolling in your employer’s tax-advantaged retirement plan, such as a 401(k) or 403(b), is one of the best ways to save automatically. You may be able to save part of your salary, and your company will match your contributions, depending on the rules and restrictions of your retirement plan. If your company doesn’t have a tax-advantaged retirement plan, you can save money for retirement. You can set up retirement account (IRA), Roth IRA, SEP IRA (if you’re self-employed), or other retirement savings account.

Use Micro-savings Apps

You can use micro-savings apps. These apps help you save a little bit at a time in various ways. It will help you grow your savings faster. For example, a micro-savings app will round up the price of a purchase to the nearest dollar, then store the “extra change” in a savings account or some other type of savings “bucket.” Microsavings apps also offer features such as cash-back rewards, interest earned on deposits, savings matches, and more. These apps not only make it easier to save but also accelerate how fast you can save with no extra effort.

Set goals for your savings app:

You may be saving for some sort of goal. It can be a car down payment, a honeymoon, or your child’s education. A goal motivates you to save regularly. Some savings apps allow you to save toward multiple specific goals. Instead of establishing a single savings account, you might have one for a vehicle down payment, another for a high-priced concert ticket, and another for a summer trip. You may set goals for the short- and long-term. For example, you may set away some money for a trip you are planning in a month while also setting aside money for your retirement savings plan (on top of what you are already contributing to your employer-sponsored plan). Also, set a realistic and specific goal. You must have deadlines and dollar amounts whenever possible.

Increasing Savings Percentage over Time:

It is an effective strategy to build wealth effortlessly through automated savings. Let’s look into a few tips to achieve this:

  • Start with a modest savings percentage, like 5% of your income. Then, gradually increase it over time. This will allow you to adjust to the change without feeling overwhelmed.
  • When you receive a pay raise or bonus, try to allocate a part of it towards increasing your automated savings. This will help your savings to grow in line with your income.
  • You can aim to slowly increase your savings by 2% each year. Set precise dates to gradually increase your savings amount.
  • Maintain a regular record of your budget and spending. You can identify areas where you can save more money and reduce your costs. This additional money that you save can be used to increase your automatic savings.

Transferring money regularly from a checking account to a savings or investment account:

This is also called recurring savings. In recurring savings, you transfer a fix amount from your checking account to a savings or investment account. There are no extra fees charged for such transactions. You can use the bank’s app or website to perform such transfers. Once you set a recurring transfer, it will automatically run every month unless you cancel it. You can choose a fixed amount to be transferred to your savings or investment account on a particular day of the month. 


However, to save continuously, you must start with an automated transfer plan. Saving regularly establishes financial stability, helps to achieve long-term goals, and helps you set an emergency fund for yourself.


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