Need of All in One Staffing and Recruiting Software Solution

 Need of All in One Staffing and Recruiting Software Solution

Do you find it frustrating when switching from one software solution to another when running your recruiting and staffing business? How many different solutions do you use to manage your CRM, payroll, TTY, job portal, and other day-to-day activities? If you are currently having headaches with multiple solutions, maybe it is time to switch to an all in one solution to get rid of that frustration!

Why you need an all in one staffing software solution:

Delete multiple data entries

Whether you are adding a new customer, or new work order, you only need to enter information once. Once this data is entered into your front office solution, all the available information is transferred to your back office, including your website, mobile apps, among others. No need to waste time manually entering the same information several times. This saves time and will enable you to spend more time acquiring new business information while entering data.

Optimize business operations

Implementing an all in one staffing software solution means that all your candidate and client information will be stored in the same solution so that you no longer have to switch between different software solutions. When you operate from a CRM product that is not integrated with an ATS, you need to collect information. An all in one solution further enables you to search for the right candidates that are a good fit for a particular position. You can also enter notes, schedule interviews, and place candidates in one solution.

Apart from optimizing your business operations, the appearance of your solutions will wear a new look. Your front and back office, including your web portals, will all look and function the same way. This allows your whole team to get to grips with your software more quickly. Although it costs more to have an all in one solution, the price is worth having a streamlined operation.

Reduced risk of iosing data and information

You are less likely to lose information when everything is in one place. You can easily locate the information you need because it is appropriately arranged. It’s also easier to miss some information or even overlook it when they are in multiple places.

The other vital element to consider is the security of your data. Is your data located in a high-end data center? Are you at risk of being hacked or losing data? When working with all in one staffing solutions, their investment in data security is more significant than a single solution.

Access general ledger and advanced sales administrative reports

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Since all of your payroll and billing information will automatically be pulled from your main office to your back office, you have the option to run advanced sales analysis and general ledger reports. These reports provide your business with aggregate information to help you make critical business decisions. Without these reports, it will be difficult to have an overview and see the complete picture. It will also require more time to extract information from different databases and manually produce these reports, leading to errors and inaccurate reports.

Fully integrated solution and more

In addition to fully integrating all of your solutions, there are often all in one features within front-office solutions. Besides posting new jobs directly to your website, some solutions can allow you to post job openings and other information you intend to share instantly on social media. Instead of switching between your main office and multiple social media tabs, why not post directly from a solution?

Some solutions even offer text messaging and email functions directly from the software. Whether you send a single email or a bulk email (or SMS), you have the option to send it directly from the software. Usually, you can also configure email templates and text to eliminate the time you have to compose the same message you send several times a day.

I believe your headache is starting to go away just thinking about the possibilities available to you. These are just some of the reasons an all in one staffing and recruiting software solution will help your business grow.

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