Essential ways to hack your life

 Essential ways to hack your life

People started life hacks almost two centuries ago, and till now, it’s the trend. But with time, the nature of hacks has changed. The main aim of easy yet simple hacks is to make life easy. So, look at the bright side of the story and adopt tips to hack your life. 

What are life hacks? A simple definition:

When we say hack your life, it means the simple techniques, tips, and shortcuts that help make our life easy. A hack doesn’t need to be approved by certain authorities or experts. You can think of creative solutions and improvise the solution that fits your problem. 

Essential tips to hack your life:

The world has changed, and now people think “Time is the money.” So, we should make efforts to save as much time as possible. According to Mary Waller: 

“If you are busy, you add more value to the task.” So, increase your economic value and work smartly.”

However, an actual hack is simple, easy, and short. Thus, if you want to make your life controllable, then take the help of these essential hacks: 

Set the alarm even for tiny tasks

Earlier, we discussed that time management is everything, and the world denotes it with money. So, if you want to be successful, then manage your tasks with responsibility but consume less energy. However, if you think you can forget about things, set the alarm or reminder for everything. In this way, you can make things easy to remember. 

Don’t stick to the past to hack your life

Life is a name of constant struggle, and it’s full of good and bad experiences. But you can’t be a successful person if you can’t learn from the bad events. The thing that happened has passed, and now you can’t change the reality. So, take lessons, improve your life and move on because you can’t live with regrets. If you choose to live with regrets, it can turn life into hell, and you will lose self-worth. So, develop empathy, forgive yourself, learn from the past and move on for a better future. It’s a golden rule to live a stress-free and successful life. 

Don’t lie to yourself

Self-realization is the key to success. But you can’t reach this level when you are constantly lying to yourself. In this way, you are blocking the way of learning because humans seek lessons from hardships. So, change your mentality and try to let go of things that aren’t in your control. Instead, you can do self-realization and seek lessons from harmful things in your life. 

Let yourself smile to hack your life

Sometimes, a smile works like therapy and removes toxins from our lives. So, instead of comparing life with others, be grateful for your things in life. 

“Comparison kills the person from inside and works like a poison.”

You will eventually lose self-confidence, worth, and a smile if you constantly compare. Apart from this, the comparison is a killer of happiness. Life is a bumpy road, and when it gets tough, you can slow down and try to exhale toxins. However, start finding joy in small things like stargazing, put a smile on your face, and immerse yourself in nature. 

Sometimes it’s’ OK to do nothing 

You need to understand that sometimes idleness could be your best friend. So, if you are running out of ideas, STOP and sit idle because it’s necessary for a creativity boost. Apart from this, it’s a great way that gives you a chance to enter your awareness. If your brain remains active for long, it can lose worth and functioning power. So, SLOW DOWN, and sometimes it’s OK to do nothing. 

Start your day by finishing the most challenging task 

Most entrepreneurs live by this rule and flaunt it in their relevant fields. If you think there are complex or challenging tasks on the TO-DO list, try to finish them on a priority basis. People make a mistake by starting their day with an EMAIL check. In this way, you put yourself in a reactive state that is bad for your creativity. If you start the morning with challenging tasks, then throughout the day, your mind will remain stress-free. 

Learn something new daily to hack your life

Graduating out of school does not end the learning process in your life. Even when we are not conscious of it, we learn every time. Life is full of lessons, and it continually releases unto us lessons that we could not get anywhere. The only thing you have to do is yield; when you start becoming conscious of the wonders of growing and learning, you will keep on developing. Therefore, ensure you do not allow a day to pass you by without learning anything. If you could do this for a long time, then you will see your change positively. 

Forgive even if it hurts

Humans spend a lot of money searching for happiness; however, there are many decisions that you can make that will give you much happiness. And one of them is forgiving others, harboring bitterness will rob not only your happiness but also your health. Whether you want it or not, people will wrong you intentionally or mistakenly.  But forgiving them will free you of resentments and make you happier. However, forgiveness is not equal to carelessness or condoning destructive behaviors. Additionally, always forgive yourself regardless of what your mistakes could be. Stop treating yourself like a perfect person instead work towards becoming the best you can be. 

hack your life and be happy

Be the Change you want

We all love positive changes in our community, families, friends, and especially in our lives. In all, you do learn to be proactive, fight for the change you want. Do not allow things and situations to control you instead control them and use them to your Advantage. If you’re going to break a bad habit or learn something new, do not get lazy on them. Take actions today, and start doing them. Also, refrain from languages that will not motivate you into doing things. Frequently use words like I WILL and avoid I SHOULD.

Believe in yourself to hack your life

Most times, people are only better at motivational speaking when addressing others. But when it comes to self-motivation, they continuously tell themselves lies that they are not good enough or even smart enough to achieve more extraordinary things. However, if you want to make the best out of life, you must first believe in yourself; that’s the first principle of success. If you can not believe in yourself, there will be a limit to what you can achieve. So, above all, believe in yourself, even if others do not.


Living a quality life can be easy and affordable, so start to hack your life. Making some things part of our habits daily is very rewarding and can be the source of happiness that you have always been after. Life might be complicated to understand, but there are things that we can use in tweaking it and controlling it to our advantage. Wake up each day and take advantage of life with these life hacks. They are shortcuts to achieving most things that people spend money, time, and endless effort before achieving them.  Master these things, and you can launch yourself unto the path of endless happiness.

Mila Kushneryk

Mila Kushneryk is multitalented, active and like to explore everything. Her skills and experience empower people to easily go through the digital organizational transformation, reach their customers in a personalized way, grow mental health, increase productivity, and boost life energy.