Lowest IQ score ever: The concept of IQ and its measurement

 Lowest IQ score ever: The concept of IQ and its measurement

Understanding what’s the lowest IQ score ever can be a great idea because not only does it make it easier to narrow down human intelligence, but it also shows how low things can actually be. The reality is that we are always fascinated by high IQs, and when someone has over 200 IQ, then we consider them smart. What we don’t realize is that there’s the opposite part of the spectrum, where people tend to have very low IQ values and that becomes a major issue. 

What is IQ and why does it matter?

IQ is also known as the intelligence quotient and it’s a score designed to show your intelligence level. You always want to test your mental capacity and see if it increases or if it diminishes. That’s why IQ tests are extremely sought after. People are excited to learn more about their intelligence, knowledge, and that has a profound impact on their future and what they can achieve. 

The IQ tests are also setting people apart when it comes to their mental capabilities. The challenge here, however, is that more often than not, IQ tests won’t always be 100% foolproof. Yet over the years, these tests have evolved and they can actively give you a unique perspective when it comes to intelligence as a whole. 

How do you measure IQ?

Measuring the IQ has always been a topic of debate and for a very good reason. It’s very hard to quantify the knowledge and expertise of a person via a test. You need the test to be general enough to cover every type of person, but also specific enough to differentiate people between one another. That’s extremely hard to do, and it’s what can bring in its fair share of problems that can sometimes arise. 

The IQ measurement scale is as follows:

  • Scores over 180 means you are profoundly gifted
  • 160-180 means you are very gifted
  • 145-160 highly gifted
  • 130-145 moderately gifted
  • 115-129 bright or above average. 
  • 85-115 average intelligence
  • 70 to 84 close to mental disability
  • 55-70 mild mental disability
  • 40 to 55 moderate mental disability
  • 25 to 40 severe mental disabilities.

Any score under 25 means the person has profound mental disability. The problem is that there are no specific records of people with an IQ under 25, but it is said that such people exist. Low IQ scores are possible, but they are rare, just like high scores. Generally, 68% of IQ scores are between 85 and 115, which is why that IQ level is said to be average intelligence. Anything over or under that is an anomaly and not the norm. It’s still something out of the ordinary to see extremely low IQ scores, but there are a few examples.

Which is the lowest recorded IQ score?

There are no specific names recorded with a low IQ score. However, what we do know is that people that have lissencephaly have the lowest IQ scores, normally around 20. It’s possible that someone could have an IQ score of 0, but that would seem impossible to achieve. Many think that if someone has the lowest IQ ever of around 0 or so, that would mean they have significant cognitive problems that prevent them from performing even the simplest tasks. 

Another interesting aspect to consider is that IQ scale scores are following the bell curve. Whenever you have the IQ scores on a graph, this will show the bell shaped curve, with the peak being where you see the score. The bell will go down, showing a lower than average and then higher than average score. We also have the mean, which is known as the score average. 

Standard deviations appear because the IQ score is always evolving. You will encounter lower scores as you will encounter some higher scores too. That’s why the mean is important, because it can help even out scores in an appropriate manner, while still implementing a seamless and empowering solution. It’s also a great opportunity, because it helps bring in an exceptional way to record the IQ, while still maintaining the right level of consistency and power in the long term.

Is the IQ score a true sign of your intelligence?

When you see the lowest IQ, it might automatically seem that the person in question lacks the necessary mental capacity to complete an IQ test. However, we need to understand that the IQ score is a measure of crystallized and fluid intelligence. It shows you how you can deal with reasoning and problem solving situations.

That doesn’t automatically mean that your IQ test automatically shows you lack a certain amount of intelligence. Instead, what it shows is that you have great reasoning and problem solving skills. Remember, the IQ tests are all about testing your mental capabilities when compared to other people in your age group.

Another thing that people tend to confuse, the fact that the IQ test will focus on your age group. If you’re 60 but you have a lower IQ than someone in their 20s, that’s normal most of the time. It also shows that your IQ might be much higher than other people in their 60s. That’s why you need to assess your IQ based on your age and other factors. IQ tests can also be widely different, so that’s yet another thing that you need to think about.

Does it matter if someone has the lowest IQ in group?

IQ levels are not going to be a make or break for someone and how they talk with you or behave near you. The reason is simple, IQ levels are all about showing us how we can tackle various different situations using our logic and problem solving skills. These are skills that we all have, and we constantly work on too. Which is why some people will have a higher IQ, whereas others will have lower IQ levels. It’s normal to see a discrepancy.

Then there are other things to consider. Before we judge someone for having the lowest IQ in group, we also need to know when those IQ levels were taken. The reality is that IQ levels will constantly change as time goes by. In fact, the education system has changed immensely over the past 100 years, it’s unrecognizable. As a result, modern IQ tests are much more relevant and accurate when compared to a century ago. We are also facing different challenges and things in 2023 when compared to any other year, so it’s easy to see that our approach towards IQ has evolved.


IQ tests are great, and those results are definitely something to check and even gloat about. However, we need to realize that an IQ test isn’t the ultimate measurement of intelligence. It does test your mental skills, but just because we have some academic skills that doesn’t mean we are perfect at something. And that’s the true value of an IQ test, it shows us what skills we are good at, but also what we can improve upon. It can definitely be a great motivator, and one of those things that can make a huge difference in the long term. 


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