Best Forex Trading Books that Every Trader Must Read

 Best Forex Trading Books that Every Trader Must Read

If you want to create the best forex signals, you will have to get in-depth knowledge about forex trading. But at first, it’s vital to start with the fundamentals. In this way, you will get a broader picture of things and ideas. So, let’s’ take a start from here: 

Fundamentals that help to come into forex trading:

We can’t talk about fundamentals without emphasizing memory and concentration. If you investigate the life of top forex traders, you will know how they have specific rules to take forward this thing. So, after deeply studying this topic, here are some tips that you need to adopt before starting a trading career. 

Learn to forecast about the market: 

Forecasting is the core ability that you must have in forex trading. Forex market works on rumors, financial or political news. So, if you want to be a good trader, keep your eyes open and inform yourself about updates. Above all, there are a few tools and indicators that help to analyze and forecast the market. It’s better to predict the market after using a combination of different tools. 

Set your limits: 

The biggest mistake that young traders make is that they don’t bother to set limits. For instance, if your technical analysis is weak, you will not set boundaries and stop-loss beyond a certain point. Moreover, decide on the limit you are willing to lose and then set leverage as per your needs. Never risk more than the limit that you can afford to lose. 

Always try to explore more: 

Earlier, we mentioned that forex trading is a constant struggle and needs consistency to go forward. So, try to explore new things, knowledge, ideas, and plans. If things aren’t working for you, then try to explore the core reason behind them. Thus, if things don’t move as per your forecast, you should change the plan on the spot. 

Try to read forex trading books to get more knowledge: 

We all know that books give us the treasure of knowledge. In forex trading, the base behind success is knowledge. So, you can gain understanding by reading more books that top-notch authors write. But here the question remains valid: what are forex trading books that deserve one chance of reading. So, here in this writing, we will discuss that in detail: 

Top 5 forex trading books that you shouldn’t miss:

memory and concentration

With every second changing situation, forex trading could be a daunting experience. But you can polish your trading skills by reading books that elaborate more about this field. So, as per our recommendations, here are the top five forex trading books that you shouldn’t miss: 

Book nameWriter name
Currency tradingBrian Dolan (2011)
The black swansNassim Nicholas Taleb
Trading in the ZONEMark Douglas
Candlestick chart techniquesSteve Nison (1991)
The disciplined traderMark Douglas

1st: Currency trading:

You can easily find this incredible book on Amazon. However, it’s perfect for beginners who want to take a head start in forex trading. Moreover, the book is written in easy wording, has clear instructions, and perfectly depicts the forex trading market. In addition to this, if you are a seasoned trader, then it’s not a bad book to give it a read. The book was published in 2011, and since then, it has helped many traders to learn the basics of forex trading. 

2nd: The black swan: Impact of highly improbable:

Again, you can easily find this incredible and exciting book on Amazon. The main subject of this book is to teach financial establishment. However, the book is filled with convincing points, arguments, models, and charts to prove this. But all the issues are in easy and understandable language. This book’s central theme is to save you from black swan and teach the core rules of forex trading. However, by using the elaborated golden rules, you can quickly grab the jackpot at the right time. Apart from these pointers, you will learn to set tight stop limits and exit from the market after making a profit.  

3rd: Trading in the ZONE:

The third book also mainly focuses on the emotional aspect of forex traders. According to the writer, fear and greed are two strong emotions that keep traders from earning money. So, after reading this masterpiece, you will be able to learn techniques that will help control your fear and greed. Above all, if your fundamental and technical analysis is robust, you can take the exit on the right point. In addition to this, the book defines the emotional and psychological qualities of successful traders. In this way, you will be able to develop your strategy by using their experiences. Mark Douglas introduced a thinking strategy for traders that will help them to be successful traders. So, this book may work as a golden light in a dark tunnel. 

4th: Japanese candlestick chart technique:

The whole world of forex trading depends on candlestick techniques and chart reading. So, if you want to move forward, then learn to read candlesticks and charts. So, the best place to learn this technique is through Steve Nison’s book that he wrote in 1991. However, we can see that the whole world has been using those techniques and patterns after this. After the massive success of this book the Steve wrote two other books named: 

  • Beyond candlesticks 
  • Candlesticks charting basics 

Above all, these books also tell how to combine different tools with other indicators to get the best results. 

5th: The disciplined trader:

Douglas is a magician who wrote terrific books related to forex trading. Due to unique tips, these books have been giving knowledge until now. Small traders think that their behavior doesn’t have any role in earning profit. But Douglas proved them wrong and proved his point through theories, patterns, case studies, tools, and strategies. According to Douglas’s view, a weak trader may win once, but an undisciplined trader will never succeed. So, if you want to be a successful trader, don’t forget to read this book. After reading, you will decide the habits you should forgo to be a successful forex trader. 

Final verdict: 

After reading these top-notch forex trading books, you don’t need to depend on others for profit. These books will help you to be able to create your forex signals. So, read these grandfathers of forex trading, candlesticks, theories and earn money. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner; if you know market entrance and exit strategies, you are successful.


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