Customers are not Always Right

 Customers are not Always Right

We can see that in our environment, customers are not always right to run a business. In London, Selfridges department store, whose founder was Harry Gordon Selfridge composed the phrase “The customer is always right” in 1909. The purpose of this phrase is to assure customers that this company will provide good services to them and satisfy the managers to allow better assistance to customers.

 The top 5 reasons:

  1. Some Customers Are Bad for Business
  2. It Results in Worse Customer Service
  3. Some Customers Are Just Plain Wrong, so they are not right
  4. It Gives Abrasive Customers an Unfair Advantage
  5. It Makes Employees Unhappy

Some customers are bad for business:

As we know that the wrong customer is annoying to run a business, that’s why their bad outcomes can ruin your business badly. On the other hand, the best customers can provide us loyalty, income, proceeds and guidelines.

Here are some techniques to recognize wrong customers

  • Unavailability
  • No payment on time
  • Dishonesty
  • No attention
  • To protest anyone

Results in worse customer service:

Worse customer service is explained as the failure of occupation, which meets the customer assumption in terms of service level.

Rosenbluth declared that it is easy for your business first to place your assistant and place your customer. Results that your employees will be glad and provide excellent customer services. They have more power and stamina and possess more inspiration and stimulation, showing friendly behaviour. And at the same time, the government and company always have customers urge customers rather than employees. Results that fair treatment is not essential, and they don’t have upright to esteem themselves.

This attitude convinces that the employees don’t take an interest in services and the better facility is almost impractical.

Some customers are just plain wrong, so they are not right

customers are just plain wrong

Sometimes, customers are wrong and frequently make easy mistakes. Among them, some anticipate the stars and moon, but they want them for the bottom. It is necessary to handle the bad customers when they are dead wrong. Yeah, customers could be wrong, but one of the bad things is that you can perform fundamentally “hey mate, you never know what you are talking about.” It couldn’t help them “comprehend it,” and it was just a misconception on their representation, and you will in all likelihood pass water them off pretty royally. It only leads the way to more protests.

It aives abrasive customers an unfair advantage:

Using this trademark, “the customer is always right,” contemptuous customers pressured just about anything. Results that employee’s piece of work that much unbreakable when trying to restrict them.

Additionally, it means that victimizers get excellent ministrations and circumstances rather than pleasurable people. That consistently appears indictable to me, and it results in being agreeable to the delightful customers to sustenance them to come again.

As well as a business has trustworthy, dedicated and pleased customers, it is necessary to hurdle to have offensive customers. These customers are not at all content and contribute unhelpful demands. It has something to do with the fact that they bear in mind that they can run away with it.

Customers are not right and makes employees unhappy:

A brash Texan Gordon Bethune recognize for turning Continental Airlines “From Worst to First.” Narrative writes in his book of the same entitled in 1998. He wanted to have a look at that both customers and employees admired the method Continental evaluated them. Hence, he draws a picture that the motto “the customer is always right” ” did not grip at Continental. The indifference of opinion between employees and wild customers, he would always side with his people.

So Bethune established his people over obstructive customers. Naturally, large samples of bad employees give terrible customer service but figure out by announcing the customers “always right” is ineffective.

In conclusion, it is not easy to persuade everyone. We all have our taste buds different from others in trend, fabricate, automobiles, nutriment, and household. If you are trying to please every customers demands, your occupation will rapidly break down.


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